Students and the Community

 Taking student misconduct seriously

Student misconduct may prevent you from obtaining your degree and could jeopardise your career.

Students should make themselves aware of the University's Disciplinary Code.  Advice is also provided to help students living in the local community to be better neighbours.

Students who wish to attend Residents' Groups should email for further information.

How to make a complaint about off campus student behaviour

Comprehensive systems are in place to deal with incidents and complaints of anti-social behaviour by students.

Residents who wish to report an incident or make a complaint should do so by phoning the Queen’s University Hotline – 028 9097 5219 or the Community Affairs Office - 028 9097 5331. The hotline is line operational 24 hours a day.  Community Affairs can also be contacted by email – 

How the University deals with incidents and complaints

  • The University will first seek to identify whether its students are involved in the incident/complaint.
  • A thorough investigation into the incident/complaint will take place.
  • Disciplinary action against students found to be in breach of University regulations will be taken.