University Partnerships

Community Affairs liaise with key internal and external stakeholders with regard to community cohesion in the Queen’s Quarter, and represent the university on key partnership groups.

These include:

  Wider University Area

Community Wardens

The area has a high concentration of student let properties but they are also home permanent residents of South Belfast and each year they see students come and go.

The University contributes financially to the Community Wardens scheme to liaise with residents in the area.  The Wardens are available to help with you with any safety or behaviour problems.  They also report any environmental issues to the appropriate statutory bodies.  They can be contacted at 07528 965 980 or 07528 965 981, or you can email your comments to

Further information is also available from:

Residents Groups

The area has Residents' Groups. Students are residents  and all are welcome to attend meetings. Further information is available from