Vice-Chancellor's Speeches

Corporate Communications provides a speech writing service for senior management staff, including the Vice-Chancellor of Queen's University.


The Vice-Chancellor delivers around 70 speeches a year. These vary considerably in terms of the event at which the speech is given, the audience to whom it is delivered and the aim of making the speech itself. The occasions on which speeches are required can range from large semi-public events with audiences of more than 1,000 people, such as graduation ceremonies, to small subject-specific colloquia attended by 20 or so academics.


Types of speeches include 'State of the Nation' addresses, which are delivered at annual, usually celebratory events, such as Graduation and the Charter Day Dinner, which can serve as platforms to review successes, make major announcements, or deliver statements of policy.


The largest component of the speeches programme comprises conference welcomes, the launch of new academic initiatives and the opening of new University facilities, while others are delivered to schools and professional organisations, and at fund-raising and staff events.


If you require a speech by the Vice-Chancellor, please complete the online pro-forma and email to