All-staff and all-student email

Internal Communications is responsible for managing the flow of all-staff and all-student emails.

All-staff and all-student emails are approved and distributed by the Communications Office using distribution lists which are maintained by Information Services.

The weekly email bulletin, the Round Up, is sent to all staff on a Monday. Other all-staff and all-student emails are only sent to communicate urgent news and announcements or messages from the Vice-Chancellor, the senior management team and the Students’ Union President.

The all-staff email list distributes messages to all members of university staff who are currently registered for email. Staff may not unsubscribe themselves from the list and are responsible for reading and acting upon any relevant information. For those members of staff without regular access to email, line managers should ensure that emails are made available on paper and distributed to them manually.

Requests for an all-staff or all-student email should be sent to for approval.

The Communications Office will:

  • Decide whether the message is essential and/or urgent;
  • If not, advise on an alternative channel for distribution;
  • If yes, produce the final copy for the email and ensure its distribution.

Keep your message as brief as possible. Do not include an attachment with your message. If you need to communicate a large amount of information, publish it on a web page and include the URL in your message. Internal Communications can advise on this process.