School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

As a result of the recent RAE the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering has moved into the top 20 in the UK.

This is a significant achievement for a School which is a combined school of chemistry and chemical engineering and reflects the earlier research results published in Science Watch, which ranks UK universities, based on the total number of citations and average number of references to them in research papers over a five year period.

Science Watch showed that chemistry at Queen’s has overtaken the research powerhouses of Oxford and Cambridge to be named the leading institution for research citations per paper published in the field of chemistry during this time.

Commenting on its RAE success, Head of the School, Professor Robbie Burch, said: “Credit goes first and foremost to all the staff, both academic and support staff, who have contributed to this success through their commitment and dedication.

“The outcome is also a ringing endorsement of the financial support provided by the University and the McClay Trust which has allowed the recruitment of outstanding staff in recent years. Through these investments the School has developed research at Queen’s which is now recognised as “world-leading” in the areas of catalysis and materials,” he said.