School of Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Sciences

The School of Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Sciences is delighted with its excellent performance in the latest RAE 2008 exercise.  The School returned in six Units of Assessment – Cancer studies UoA2; Hospital-based Clinical subjects UoA4; Laboratory-based Clinical subjects UoA5;  Epidemiology and Public Health UoA6;  Dentistry UoA10; and Allied Health Professions studies UoA12. 

In each, the School was ranked in the top 20 with close to 50% of the overall research activity in the School deemed to be internationally leading or world class, scoring either 3* or 4*.  Over Ninety per cent (91%) of the research was deemed to be of international quality 2*, international leading, or world class.  Areas such as Cancer, Vision/Vascular Sciences and Dentistry did particularly well, with an average of approximately 60% of staff being graded as internationally leading or world class.

Speaking about the success Head of School, Professor Patrick Johnston said: “This is an exciting platform upon which to build our international research strengths as part of the further development of our four new research centres (Cancer, Infection/ Immunity, Vision /Vascular and Public Health) that have just been formed. We have no doubt that the success of the RAE alongside these developments will lead to even greater success in the future.”