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SessionShort TitleTitleStatute Number
1759Proclamations for meeting of parliamentTo enable his majesty, his heirs and successors, to issue a proclamation for the meeting of the parliament, notwithstanding any adjournment or prorogation of the same.Not Enacted
1781Poynings' lawFor declaring the sole and exclusive right of the Irish parliament to make laws in all cases whatsoever, internal and external, for the kingdom of Ireland.Not Enacted
1795Freedom of house of commons and the abolition of certain officesFor the further securing the freedom and independence of the house of commons, and for the reduction of the public expenses by the abolition of certain offices.Not Enacted
1795Acts of parliament to commence with royal assentThat acts of parliament shall commence from the time of the royal assent given.35 George III c.12
1798Printing of commons journalsFor authorizing the payment of the sums therein mentioned, granted for defraying the expense of reprinting the journals of the house of commons, and making indexes thereto.38 George III c.81
1800Representation of Ireland in parliament of United KingdomTo regulate the mode by which the lords spiritual and temporal and the commons to serve in the parliament of the United Kingdom on the part of Ireland, shall be summoned and returned to the said parliament.40 George III c.29
1800Union of Great Britain and IrelandFor the union of Great Britain and Ireland.40 George III c.38
1800Compensation for act of unionFor granting certain annuities to the officers and attendants of both houses of parliament, whose offices and attendance shall cease after the union, or whose offices shall be diminished in value thereby.40 George III c.50