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SessionShort TitleTitleStatute Number
1743Grand jury presentments in Co. Dublin, expenses of jurors, and office of sub-sheriffsFor the amendment of the law in relation to the raising of money by presentment at quarter sessions in the county of Dublin, regulating the expenses of jurors attending trials at bar, as also for regulating office of sub-sheriffs in this kingdom.Not Enacted
1759Assessing and collecting of public moneyFor the more equal assessing and better collecting of public money in counties of cities and counties of towns.33 George II c.7
1759Appointment of county treasurersFor ascertaining the manner of appointing treasurers of counties and for the more effectual recovery of public money.33 George II c.13
1771BAppointment of county treasurersFor amending an act passed in the 33rd year of his late majesty King GeorgeII entitled an act for ascertaining the manner of appointing treasurers of counties and the more effectual recovery of the public money.Not Enacted
1793Presentments in DublinRespecting the collection of public money to be levied in the county of the city of Dublin by presentment.33 George III c.56
1794Vacancies in the office of county treasurerTo prevent the inconveniencies which may arise during the vacancy of the office of treasurer of a county.34 George III c.7
1795PresentmentsFor the regulation of presentments for the purposes of levying money to be expended in erecting court houses, gaols and other expensive buildings.35 George III c.7
1795Presentments in DublinTo explain and render more effectual an act of parliament made and passed in the 33rd year of his present majesty, entitled, an act respecting the collection of public money, to be levied off the county of the city of Dublin by presentments.35 George III c.34
1796BPresentments in DublinTo extend to presentments exceeding 200 to be expended on mail coach roads, the regulations of an act passed in the 35th year of the king, entitled, an act for the regulation of presentments, for the purpose of levying money to be expended in erecting court-houses, gaols and other expensive buildings.37 George III c.23
1796BArmagh compensationTo enable certain inhabitants of the county of Armagh, who have been injured in their person or properties, to recover compensation for such injuries by presentment, notwithstanding the time by law prescribed for applying for such presentments be lapsed.37 George III c.10
1800Presentments in DublinFor amending and rendering more effectual the present mode of accounting for money presented at the assizes for making and repairing the public roads, and building and repairing the bridges, within the several counties of this kingdom.Not Enacted