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SessionShort TitleTitleStatute Number
1715Revenue frauds in importing of brandyFor preventing abuses and deceits in his majesty's revenue by the importing of brandy in small quantities.2 George I c.18
1719Running of goodsFor the more effectual preventing the running of goods, and for the further preventing of frauds committed in the collecting of his majesty's customs.6 George I c.8
1725Running of goodsTo prevent the fraudulent and clandestine importing of goods.12 George I c.2
1727RevenueFor the more effectual preventing of several frauds and abuses committed in his majestys customs and excise, and for setting the rates of certain goods and merchandizes, not particularly valued in the book of rates.1 George II c.6
1729Running of goodsFor the further and more effectual preventing the running of goods and for the encouragement of the fair traders in this kingdom.Not Enacted
1741Additional dutyFor granting to his majesty an additional duty on beer and ale imported from abroad.Not Enacted
1788RevenueFor more effectually preventing frauds against his majesty's revenue, and for continuing and amending the several acts of parliament therein mentioned.28 George III c.34