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SessionShort TitleTitleStatute Number
1695Enjoining oaths on persons not yet obligedTo enjoin the oaths and declaration on such other persons not yet obliged by the act made in England, 3 Gul. & Mariae.Not Enacted
1695AttainderFor attainting such as died or were killed in the late rebellion, or were made prisoners of war.Not Enacted
1703Oath of abjurationTo oblige certain persons to take the oath of abjuration, and for imposing penalties in case they refuse so to do.Not Enacted
1703Proof of having taken oaths required by lawFor the ease of the subject in proving on trials their having taken such oaths and having made and subscribed such declarations as by law are required.Not Enacted
1707Private and secret outlawriesTo supply the defects, and for the better execution of an act, intituled an act for avoiding of private and secret outlawries of her majestys subject in personal actions.6 Anne c.15
1713Attainting the Pretender and his adherents of high treasonTo attaint the Pretender, and all persons, subjects of this kingdom, who have adhered to, aided, abetted or assisted him, of high treason.Not Enacted
1715Associations for security of king's person and governmentTo ratify and confirm the associations entered into by both houses of parliament for the preservation of his majesty's sacred person, royal family and government, and to oblige all persons that have any employments ecclesiastical, civil or military, to subscribe the same.Not Enacted
1715Security of king's personFor the further security of his majesty's person and government, and for the extinguishing the hopes of the pretended Prince of Wales, and his open and secret abettors.Not Enacted
1719OutlawriesFor the enrolment of exigents and outlawries upon attainders, and for making the said enrolments evidence in any court of record.Not Enacted
1745Correspondence with sons of the Pretender to be high treasonTo make it high treason to hold correspondence with the sons of the Pretender to his majesty's crown, and for attainting them of high treason, in case they shall land or attempt to land in this kingdom, and to give a reward of 50,000 for every of them, to any person or persons, who shall seize or secure them or any of them, if they or any of them shall land or shall attempt to land in this kingdom.19 George II c.1
1755Return from service in French armyTo prohibit the return into this kingdom of such of his majesty's subjects, as now are, or at any time hereafter shall be, in the service of the French king.29 George II c.5
1757Appointment of county treasurersFor the better ascertaining the manner of appointing treasurers of counties, and counties of cities, and for the more effectual recovery of the public money.Not Enacted
1759Trials for treason and felonyFor regulating of trials in cases of high treason, misprision of treason, and felony.Not Enacted
1765Trials for treasonFor the better regulating of trials in cases of high treason, under the statute of the 25th of EdwardIII.5 George III c.21
1773AllegianceTo enable his majesty's subjects of whatever persuasion to testify their allegiance to him.13 & 14 George III c.35
1781Outlawries in civil actionsFor the amendment of the law, with respect to outlawries in civil actions.Not Enacted
1787Secret outlawriesFor the more effectually preventing and avoiding secret outlawries in personal actions.Not Enacted
1793QualificationFor the relief of persons who have omitted to take the oaths prescribed by an act of the 13th and 14th of GeorgeIII, or whose taking of the same has been omitted to be duly enrolled and recorded.Not Enacted
1793Preventing traitorous correspondence with king's enemiesMore effectually to prevent, during the present war between Great Britain and France, all traitorous correspondence with, or aid or assistance being given to his majesty's enemies.33 George III c.30
1793Trials for treason committed out of the king's dominionsFor the trial of treasons committed out of the king's dominions.33 George III c.46
1798Edward Fitzgerald, called Lord Edward Fitzgerald; Cornelius Grogan; Beauchamp Bagnal HarveyFor the attainder of Edward Fitzgerald, commonly called Lord Edward Fitzgerald, Cornelius Grogan, and Beauchamp Bagnal Harvey, deceased, of high treason.38 George III c.77