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Bill Number3149Session1790A
Title For granting certain aids, duties and impositions to his majesty, his heirs and successors from the time therein mentioned, and for continuing the effect of a treaty of commerce and navigation concluded between his majesty and the most Christian king.
Initial Bill Stages
Originating Body Commons
Leave or Order    
Presented 13 Feb 1790Presented by John Parnell Chancellor of Exchequer [1633]
2nd Reading & Committed 15 Feb 1790   
Reported 17 Feb 1790Reported by Right Honourable Mason [1352]
Sent to Other House 18 Feb 17902nd House Reporter Charles Wilkinson Jones Viscount Ranelagh [4050]
Sent to Chief Governor 22 Feb 1790   
Privy Council Stages
Received & Referred to Law Officers28 Feb 1790 
Petition to English Privy Council None 
Decision of the English Privy Council Approved 
Engrossed 3 Mar 1790 
Returned Bill Stages
Royal Assent 17 Mar 1790 
Statute Number 30 George III c.7
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