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Bill Number3065Session1731
Title For granting to his majesty a tax of £40 per annum on all persons wearing gold or silver lace, or embroidery of fringe of gold or silver, or silks or stuffs wrought or made up of gold or silver, or with any mixture of gold and silver, from the 29th of September, 1732, to the 25th day of December, 1733.
Heads of Bill Stages
Originating Body Commons
Leave or Order 8 Nov 1731Leave or Order to Dr Marmaduke Coghill [0431]
Read & Committed 18 Nov 1731Presented by Dr Marmaduke Coghill [0431]
Reported 7 Dec 1731Reported by Mr Rose [1813]
Sent to Chief Governor 7 Dec 1731   
Privy Council Stages
Decision of the Irish Privy Council Approved 
Received & Referred to Law Officers11 Jan 1732 
Petition to English Privy Council  
Decision of the English Privy Council Rejected 
Returned Bill Stages
House Presented  
Sent to Other House  
Royal Assent  
Statute Number
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