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Bill Number2968Session1781
Title To prohibit the ransoming of ships or vessels captured from his majesty's subjects of this kingdom, and of the merchandise or goods on board such ships or vessels.
Heads of Bill Stages
Originating Body Commons
Leave or Order 6 Jun 1782Leave or Order to Mr Bolton [0181]
Read & Committed 10 Jun 1782Presented by Mr Bolton [0181]
Reported 11 Jun 1782Reported by Sir Hugh Hill [1018]
Sent to Chief Governor 11 Jun 1782   
Privy Council Stages
Decision of the Irish Privy Council Approved 
Received & Referred to Law Officers18 Jun 1782 
Petition to English Privy Council None 
Decision of the English Privy Council Amended 
Engrossed 26 Jun 1782 
Returned Bill Stages
House Presented Commons 
Presented 15 Jul 1782 
Sent to Other House 18 Jul 1782 
Royal Assent 27 Jul 1782 
Statute Number 21 & 22 George III c.54
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