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The Irish Legislation Project was a major research project undertaken in the School of History and Anthropology, Queen’s University, Belfast, between 2004 and 2007.

The project was funded by a grant from the Leverhulme Trust.

The Principal Investigator was Professor David Hayton, School of History and Anthropology, Queen’s University, Belfast. The Co-Investigator was Dr James Kelly, Department of History, St Patrick’s College, Drumcondra.

Two Research Fellows were employed: Dr John Bergin (2004–7) and Dr Andrew Sneddon (2004–6).

Outputs of the project include the Irish Legislation Database, and a Wiles Colloquium entitled ‘Law-making in periphery and centre: constitutional relations in composite states, 1690–1800’ (14–15 September 2007).

The proceedings of the Colloquium will be published by Palgrave as The Eighteenth-Century Composite State: Representative Institutions in Ireland and Europe, 1689–1800.

The work of the Irish Legislation Project was assisted at many points by Queen’s University, Belfast, and numerous libraries and archives. Particular acknowledgment is due to The National Archives, Kew; the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, per Mr Ian Montgomery; Special Collections of the Library, Queen’s University, Belfast, per Ms Deirdre Wildy; Information Services, Queen’s University, Belfast, per Dr Ricky Rankin. The website design was developed by Mr Gavin Mitchell of Information Services.