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Members Name Search

Here you can search for the names of members of parliament associated with bills.

You can search by name (first name or surname); by peerage title; by the name of a bishopric; by the names of certain offices (i.e., offices by which members of parliament are commonly referred to in the journals); and by the 4-digit codes assigned to members.

For example entering Ponsonby will find all members of parliament of that surname who are associated with bills in the database. Cashel will find Archbishops of Cashel; Clogher will find Bishops of Clogher; and Bishop will find all bishops. Chancellor will find all Chancellors of the Exchequer and Lord Chancellors; Attorney will find all Attorney Generals; and so on.

An asterisk will act as a ‘wildcard’: a search for ‘Ten*ison’ will find ‘Tenison’ and ‘Tennison’.

You can also browse alphabetical lists of members of parliament.


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