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[–] Arthur Browne
1789, 1793, 1794, 1795, 1796A, 1796B, 1798, 1799 13 0252
Member of Parliament for: Trinity College Dublin 1783 – 90 – 7 – 1800 (re-elected after appointment to place of profit 1795)Born 1756; died 8 June 1805.
Forms of Name in Journals: Mr Browne, Dr Browne
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1789 Not Enacted Port of Drogheda Leave (Commons); Pres. (Commons)
1789 29 George III c.40 Continuing temporary statutes Leave (Commons); Pres. (Commons)
1789 29 George III c.27 Church repairs and clerical residence Leave (Commons); Pres. (Commons)
1793 33 George III c.6 (private) Dissolving marriage of Mathias Finucane and Anne O'Brien 2nd Hse Rep. (Commons)
1794 34 George III c.18 Prisoners for small debts in Dublin Leave (Commons); Pres. (Commons)
1795 Not Enacted Tithes Leave (Commons); Pres. (Commons)
1795 Not Enacted Relief of distressed literary teachers Leave (Commons); Pres. (Commons)
1795 35 George III c.32 Tithes Leave (Commons); Pres. (Commons)
1796A 36 George III c.58 Friendly societies Leave (Commons); Pres. (Commons)
1796A 36 George III c.4 Road from Timahoe, Queen's Co., to Tipperary town 1st Hse Rep. (Commons)
1796B 37 George III c.37 Chapels of ease, and clerical residence 1st Hse Rep. (Commons)
1798 Not Enacted Church building Leave (Commons); Pres. (Commons)
1799 39 George III c.19 Church repairs Leave (Commons); Pres. (Commons)