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[–] Samuel Cooke
1749, 1751, 1755, 1757 6 0470
Member of Parliament for: Dublin Borough 1749 – 58Born post 1690; died 9 Feb.([buried 13) 1758.
1749 Not Enacted Corn, bread and markets Leave (Commons)
1751 25 George II c.15 Corn measures Leave (Commons); Pres. (Commons); Rep. (Commons)
1751 Not Enacted Corn, bread and markets Leave (Commons); Pres. (Commons)
1755 29 George II c.22 Relief of creditors of banks of John Willcocks, John Dawson, Joseph Fade, Isachar Willcocks Leave (Commons); Pres. (Commons); Rep. (Commons)
1755 29 George II c.23 Relief of creditors of bank of Theobald Dillon, Thomas Dillon, Richard Ferral Leave (Commons); Pres. (Commons); Rep. (Commons)
1757 31 George II c.16 Recovery of small debts in Dublin Leave (Commons); Pres. (Commons); Rep. (Commons)