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[–] Barry Maxwell (Barry) (Maxwell)
1757, 1759, 1761, 1765, 1767, 1773, 1775, 1777, 1783, 1785, 1786, 1788, 1790A, 1793, 1796B 22 1372
Member of Parliament for: Co. Cavan 1756 – 60, 1768 – 76 – 9; Armagh Borough 1761 – 8Born 1723; died 7 Oct. 1800.
3rd Baron Farnham (succeeded 16 Nov. 1779); 2nd Viscount Farnham (created 10 Jan. 1781; sworn in House of Lords 10 Oct. 1781); 2nd Earl of Farnham (created 22 June 1785; sworn in House of Lords 30 June 1785).
1757 Not Enacted Bishops' leases Leave (Commons); Pres. (Commons); Rep. (Commons)
1757 31 George II c.5 (private) Arthur Hill; Ann Hill, otherwise Stafford; Reverend Samuel Hutchinson Leave (Commons); Pres. (Commons)
1759 Not Enacted Servants, apprentices, artificers and labourers Leave (Commons)
1761 Not Enacted Regulating parliament elections Leave (Commons); Pres. (Commons)
1761 Not Enacted Highways Leave (Commons)
1765 Not Enacted Assize of bread Leave (Commons)
1765 5 George III c.5 Excise on imported spirits Leave (Commons); Pres. (Commons); Rep. (Commons)
1767 Not Enacted Tenure of judges' employment Leave (Commons); Pres. (Commons); Rep. (Commons)
1773 Not Enacted Excluding pensioners from parliament Leave (Commons); Pres. (Commons)
1775 Not Enacted Courts of equity Leave (Commons)
1775 Not Enacted Assize of bread in Dublin Leave (Commons); Pres. (Commons)
1775 15 & 16 George III c.34 Lime kilns Leave (Commons); Pres. (Commons); Rep. (Commons)
1777 Not Enacted Sir James Nugent Rep. (Commons)
1783 Not Enacted Frivolous and vexatious arrests Pres. (Lords)
1785 25 George III c.36 Regulation and fees of sheriffs Pres. (Lords)
1785 Not Enacted Relief of under-tenants Pres. (Lords)
1785 Not Enacted Receivers of stolen goods Pres. (Lords)
1786 Not Enacted Relief of landlords in recovery of rents Pres. (Lords)
1788 28 George III c.1 (private) Denis Daly 1st Hse Rep. (Lords)
1790A Not Enacted Relief of under-tenants Pres. (Commons)
1793 Not Enacted Public roads Pres. (Lords)
1796B Not Enacted Law Pres. (Lords)