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[–] Michael Tisdall
1713, 1715, 1719, 1721, 1723 6 2077
Member of Parliament for: Ardee 1713 – 14, 1715 – 26Born (baptised 29 Nov.) 1672; died 7 Dec. 1726.
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1713 Not Enacted Transportation overseas Leave (Commons)
1715 2 George I c.20 Criminal prosecutions for words spoken Leave (Commons); Pres. (Commons); Rep. (Commons)
1719 6 George I c.12 Transportation of felons, and suppression of tories and rapparees Leave (Commons); Pres. (Commons); Rep. (Commons)
1721 8 George I c.9 Transportation of felons, suppression of tories and rapparees, and enlistment in foreign service Leave (Commons); Pres. (Commons); Rep. (Commons)
1723 10 George I c.3 (private) Henry Percy, Emerson Percy Leave (Commons)
1723 Not Enacted Writs of mandamus and quo warrantos Leave (Commons)