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[–] James Caulfeild
1771B, 1775, 1777, 1785, 1787 7 4015
Born 18 Aug. 1728; died 4 Aug. 1799.
4th Viscount Charlemont (succeeded 21 Apr. 1734; sworn in House of Lords 7 Oct. 1754); 1st Earl of Charlemont (created 23 Dec. 1763)
1771B Not Enacted For quiet of the subject against pretence of concealment Rep. (Lords)
1771B Not Enacted Popery Pres. (Lords)
1771B Not Enacted Cultivation of timber trees and preservation of shrubs and hedges Pres. (Lords); Rep. (Lords)
1775 15 & 16 George III c.29 Trials of peers in capital cases Rep. (Lords)
1777 17 & 18 George III c.43 Police in Dublin Pres. (Lords); Rep. (Lords)
1785 25 George III c.31 Trials in which peers a party Pres. (Lords)
1787 27 George III c.5 (private) Charles M'Donnell 1st Hse Rep. (Lords)