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1703Additional dutyFor an additional duty of excise upon beer, ale and other liquors.2 Anne c.1
1703Additional dutyFor continuing the additional duty of excise on beer, ale and other liquors and for granting an additional duty on tobacco and several other goods and merchandises and also a tax of four shillings in the pound on several pensions and grants therein mentioned and for building of barracks in the city of Dublin.2 Anne c.4
1703Officers of courts acting as attorneysTo restrain the officers and clerks of law and equity from practising as attorneys in the same court whereof they are officers or clerks respectively.Not Enacted
1703Sir Justin AylmerFor sale of divers lands in the county of Kildare, being part of the estate of Sir Justin Aylmer, baronet, for payment of debts and clearing encumbrances charged thereon, and for other purposes therein mentioned.Not Enacted
1703Ballast office in DublinFor erecting a ballast office in the city of Dublin for cleansing the port and river of Dublin.Not Enacted
1703Benefit of clergyFor the reviving an act for taking away the benefit of clergy in some cases and for transporting of felons.2 Anne c.12
1703Walter Blake and Geffrey BlakeFor settling certain lands and tenements being part of the estate of Walter Blake, late of Drum in the county of the town of Galway, esquire, deceased, on his eldest son and heir Geffrey Blake.Not Enacted
1703Blasphemy and profanenessFor suppressing blasphemy and profaneness.Not Enacted
1703Nicholas Bourke and Thomas BourkeTo prevent Nicholas Bourke, a Papist, from disinheriting Thomas Bourke, a Protestant, on account of his religion.Not Enacted
1703Lanesborough bridgeFor building a bridge over the River Shannon at Lanesborough.Not Enacted
1703Colonel John BrowneFor selling part of Colonel John Brownes estate.Not Enacted
1703Colonel John Browne's Protestant creditorsFor the sale of Colonel John Brown's estate for payment of his Protestant creditors.Not Enacted
1703Church buildingFor building several parish churches in more convenient places.2 Anne c.11
1703Burial in woolTo oblige all persons in this kingdom to bury in woollen.Not Enacted
1703Butchers and cattleTo prevent butchers from being graziers and to redress several abuses in buying and selling of cattle and in the slaughtering and packing of beef, tallow and hides.2 Anne c.15
1703Butchers' corporationFor dissolving the corporation of butchers.Not Enacted
1703Walter ButlerFor the relief of Walter Butler, junior, only son and heir apparent of Colonel Walter Butler of Mumphin in the county of Wexford.Not Enacted
1703Garret CoghlanTo prevent the disinheriting of Captain Garret Coghlan, a Protestant in her majestys service.2 Anne c.7 (private)
1703Preventing Papists from inheritingTo prevent Papists from inheriting.Not Enacted
1703Oath of abjurationTo oblige certain persons to take the oath of abjuration, and for imposing penalties in case they refuse so to do.Not Enacted
1703John BakerFor relief of Mr John Baker.Not Enacted
1703Reverend Dean John LeslieTo dispose of part of [the estate of Reverend Dean John Leslie] towards satisfaction of his creditors.Not Enacted
1703Harbour of CorkFor cleansing the channel of the harbour of Cork.2 Anne c.8 (private)
1703Court of high commissionTo repeal that part of the act made in the 2nd year of the reign of Queen Elizabeth, which relates to the high commission court.Not Enacted
1703Margaret Culme[For relief of Margaret Culme.]Not Enacted
1703Francis Edgeworth, Arthur CulmeTo enable trustees to sell part of the estate of Arthur Culme, esquire, deceased, for payment of 1,200 due to Francis Edgeworth, esquire.Not Enacted
1703David PowerTo enable David Power, gentleman, to settle a jointure on his present wife, or any after-taken wife, and to charge his real estate with portions for his younger children.Not Enacted
1703Richard DelamerTo enable Richard Delamer, esquire, to sell or mortgage part of his estate for payment of debts.Not Enacted
1703Relief against dormant judgmentsFor the relief of the subject against dormant judgments, bonds, mortgages, statutes and other securities for money.Not Enacted
1703Workhouse in DublinFor erecting a workhouse in the city of Dublin for employing and maintaining the poor thereof.2 Anne c.19
1703Hospitals and workhouses in DublinFor erecting hospitals and workhouses within the city of Dublin, for the better employing and maintaining thereof.Not Enacted
1703Earthen ware manufactureTo encourage the making earthen ware in this kingdom.Not Enacted
1703Bishops' leasesTo enable archbishops, bishops and other ecclesiastical persons to set leases for three lives renewable forever.Not Enacted
1703Quieting ecclesiastical possessionsFor quieting ecclesiastical persons in their possessions.2 Anne c.9
1703Encouragement of tradeFor encouraging the trade of this kingdom.Not Enacted
1703GlebesFor exchange of glebes belonging to churches in this kingdom.2 Anne c.10
1703To prevent Popish priests entering IrelandTo prevent Popish priests from coming into this kingdom.2 Anne c.3
1703Collectors' receiptsTo supply the defects of an act for making the collectors receipts for quit rent, crown rent and other rents due to the crown full and legal discharges for the same, and for limiting their fees thereon.Not Enacted
1703Fees of sheriffsFor regulating the fees of sheriffs on executions.Not Enacted
1703Protection of fry of herrings, salmon, pilchards and other fishTo prevent the destroying the fry of herrings, salmon, pilchards and other fish.Not Enacted
1703Naturalization of ProtestantsFor the general naturalization of all Protestants that shall reside within this kingdom.2 Anne c.14
1703Free and parochial schoolsRelating to free and parochial schools.Not Enacted
1703Grand jury presentmentsTo prevent the illegal raising of money by grand juries and the misapplying of money legally raised.Not Enacted
1703To prevent the further growth of PoperyTo prevent the further growth of Popery in this kingdom.Not Enacted
1703Liberty of the subjectFor the better securing the liberty of the subject and for prevention of imprisonment beyond the seas.Not Enacted
1703Sir Hans HamiltonFor the sale of part of the estate of Sir Hans Hamilton, baronet, for payment of his grandfathers debts and for other purposes.2 Anne c.3 (private)
1703Encouraging consumption of Irish manufacturesFor encouraging the consumption of the manufactures of this kingdom by the persons residing within the same.Not Enacted
1703Succession of crownTo make it high treason in this kingdom to impeach the succession of the crown, as limited by several acts of parliament.Not Enacted
1703Impeachment of succession of crown to be high treasonTo make it high treason in this kingdom to impeach the succession of the crown as limited by several acts of parliament.2 Anne c.5
1703Iron and stave importsFor encouraging the importation of iron and staves.2 Anne c.2
1703John PowerFor the relief of John Power, late of Monelargy in the county of Waterford, esquire.Not Enacted
1703JurorsFor the ease of jurors, and regulating jurors.Not Enacted
1703Qualification of justices of the peaceFor declaring the qualifications of persons to be put into the commission of the peace, and for being sheriffs.Not Enacted
1703Relief of Protestant creditors of Walter KennedyFor the relief of the Protestant creditors of Walter Kennedy, esquire.Not Enacted
1703Estates of minors liable to debts of ancestorsFor making the estates of minors liable to the payment of the debts of their ancestors during their minority, and for the more easy taking out execution of on statutes merchant and of the staple.Not Enacted
1703Flax and hempFor the improvement of the hempen and flaxen manufactures in this kingdom.Not Enacted
1703Lough Neagh to Newry canalTo make a canal from Lough Neagh to Newry.Not Enacted
1703John MagillTo enable Mr [John] Magill to sell part of his estate for payment of debts.Not Enacted
1703Markets in DublinFor the better regulation of the markets and sale of goods within the city and suburbs of Dublin and the several liberties adjacent, and to oblige the retailers of salt and meal and other ground corn to sell by weight.Not Enacted
1703Markets in DublinFor the better regulation of the markets and sale of goods within the city and suburbs of Dublin, and the several liberties adjacent.Not Enacted
1703Regulation of measuresTo supply the defects of an act passed in the 7th year of the late King William, entitled an act for the better regulating measures in and throughout this kingdom.2 Anne c.17
1703MinesTo repeal a statute made in the 5th year of King Henry IV, against multiplying gold and silver, and to prevent disputes and controversies concerning royal mines.Not Enacted
1703Ministers' money and valuation of housesFor explaining the statute of the 17th and 18th of King Charles II concerning the valuation of houses in corporations for maintenance of ministers.Not Enacted
1703Hugh Montgomery, Elizabeth Montgomery, Francis de la Rue, Wrotesley de la Rue[To sell part of the lands now in the possession of Hugh Montgomery and Elizabeth, his wife, relict of Francis de la Rue, deceased, and Wrotesley de la Rue by his guardians for payment of debts, and for confirming the will of the said Francis de la Rue.]Not Enacted
1703Redmond MorresTo prevent the disinheriting of Redmond Morres, esquire.2 Anne c.6 (private)
1703River Barrow navigationTo make the River Barrow navigable.Not Enacted
1703River Boyne navigationTo make the River Boyne navigable.Not Enacted
1703River Nore navigationTo make the River Nore navigable.Not Enacted
1703River Shannon navigationFor making the River Shannon navigable from the city of Limerick to Jamestown, in the county of Leitrim, at the charge of the adjoining counties.Not Enacted
1703Nicholas NugentTo prevent Nicholas Nugent, of Robinstown, in the county of Westmeath, esquire, from being disinherited.Not Enacted
1703James, duke of Ormond; Charles, earl of ArranTo confirm the sales, fee farms and leases made by James, duke of Ormond, and Charles, earl of Arran, and to enlarge a period for making fee farms until Michaelmas 1705, and to enable the earl of Arran to sell lands to the value of 100 per annum if need be.2 Anne c.1 (private)
1703Union and division of parishesFor the real union and division of parishes.Not Enacted
1703Regulating parliament electionsFor regulating the election of members to serve in parliament.Not Enacted
1703Privilege of parliamentFor regulating the privilege of parliament.Not Enacted
1703George Matthews; Martha Matthews; Chichester Phillips; Sir Simon EatonTo prevent George Matthews, junior, and Martha, his wife, from barring the remainder in certain lands and tenements limited and bequeathed to Chichester Phillips, esquire, and his heirs by the last will and testament of Sir Simon Eaton, deceased.Not Enacted
1703Professions of physic, chirurgery and apothecaries in DublinFor regulating the practice of physic and chirurgery, and of apothecaries, in the city of Dublin.Not Enacted
1703Quieting possessionsFor quieting possessions and disposing of undisposed and plus acres.2 Anne c.8
1703Poll tax arrearsFor collecting and recovering the arrears of the late poll tax.Not Enacted
1703Mary Poor alias Penefather; Richard, William and Thomas Poor; Walter StephensFor the confirming an award made by the honourable the barons of her majesty's court of exchequer, between Mary Poor alias Penefather, Richard, William, and Thomas Poor, and Walter Stephens, esquire, and for securing and settling the several interests as are therein designed and appointed.2 Anne c.5 (private)
1703Prisoners for debtFor relief of poor prisoners for debt.Not Enacted
1703Ecclesiastical causesConcerning prohibitions in ecclesiastical causes.Not Enacted
1703Commissioners for public accountsTo appoint commissioners to examine, take and state the public accounts of the nation.Not Enacted
1703GlebesTo purchase glebes to make the residence of the clergy more easy and practicable.Not Enacted
1703Rapeseed dutyTo take off the duty upon rapeseed in this kingdom.Not Enacted
1703Reducing rate of interest to 8 per centFor reducing the interest of money to 8 per cent for the future.2 Anne c.16
1703Recognition of Queen Anne's title to the crownOf recognition of her majestys undoubted right to the crown of Ireland.Not Enacted
1703Registration of Popish clergyFor registering the Popish clergy.2 Anne c.7
1703Church repairsTo enable church wardens to raise money applotted by vestry for the repair of churches.Not Enacted
1703Richard, Lord Viscount Ross; Frances ParsonsFor the relief of Richard, Lord Viscount Ross, and Frances Parsons his sister.2 Anne c.2 (private)
1703Regulating servantsFor regulating servants.Not Enacted
1703Sheriffs' accountsFor the more easy passing of sheriffs' accounts.Not Enacted
1703Summary hearings for small debtsFor recovery of small debts in a summary way before the judges of assize.2 Anne c.18
1703Parishes of St Mary and St Paul, DublinTo empower the church wardens of St Mary's parish, Dublin, to distrain for money already applotted or hereafter to be applotted for the finishing the parish church of St Mary's, and the same for finishing the parish church of St Paul's.2 Anne c.9 (private)
1703James StopfordTo enable James Stopford, esquire, to sell part of his estate for payment of his debts and raising portions.Not Enacted
1703James StopfordFor vesting certain lands and hereditaments of James Stopford, esquire, lying in the county of Meath in trustees to be sold for payment of debts and portions and for other purposes.2 Anne c.4 (private)
1703Planting and preserving timber treesFor supplying the defects of an act for preserving timber trees and woods.Not Enacted
1703TithesFor the more easy recovery of tithes and other ecclesiastical dues and to prevent frequent excommunications.Not Enacted
1703Toleration of Protestant DissentersTo give such toleration to Protestant Dissenters in Ireland as is by law allowed Protestant Dissenters in England.Not Enacted
1703Tolls and customs, and coal trade in DublinTo hinder the taking or exacting toll or custom in several cases, and to prevent the engrossing coals in the city of Dublin.Not Enacted
1703Tories and rappareesFor continuing two acts against tories, robbers and rapparees.2 Anne c.13
1703Proof of having taken oaths required by lawFor the ease of the subject in proving on trials their having taken such oaths and having made and subscribed such declarations as by law are required.Not Enacted
1703Margaret WallFor relieving Margaret Wall, spinster.Not Enacted
1703To prevent the further growth of PoperyTo prevent the further growth of Popery.2 Anne c.6
1703Church buildingTo prevent the defects of the bill entitled an act for building several parish churches in more convenient places.Not Enacted
1703Tories and rappareesFor the amendment and explanation of two acts against tories, robbers and rapparees.Not Enacted
1703Against spiriting away any person; Richard, Viscount MountgarrettAgainst spiriting.Not Enacted
1703Anthony Hammond; Valentine Browne; Nicholas Browne, called Lord KenmareFor the relief of Anthony Hammond, esquire, guardian to Valentine Browne, eldest son of Nicholas Browne, commonly called Lord Kenmare, and also to the rest of the children of the said Nicholas.Not Enacted