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SessionShort TitleTitleStatute Number
1707To prevent the further growth of PoperyFor the explaining and amending an act, intituled an act to prevent the further growth of Popery.Not Enacted
1707Flax and hempFor the further and better encouragement of the hempen and flaxen manufacture in this kingdom.6 Anne c.9
1707Enabling tenants to make leasesTo qualify and enable tenants, having particular estates, to make leases.Not Enacted
1707Amendment of the lawFor the amendment of the law, and the better advancement of justice.6 Anne c.10
1707Justices of the peaceFor the better regulation of justices of the peace.Not Enacted
1707Tories and rappareesFor explaining and amending two several acts against tories, robbers and rapparees.6 Anne c.11
1707Richard, Lord Bellew of DuleekFor settling the estate of Anne, Lady Viscountess Dowager of Clanmalier, on Richard, Lord Bellew, baron of Duleek, and for raising 3,000 thereout, for the portion of Mary Nugent, niece of the said Lady Clanmalier, and wife of Francis Bermingham, eldest son of Edward, lord baron of Athenree.6 Anne c.1 (private)
1707Ports and ballast office in DublinFor erecting a ballast office in the city of Dublin, for cleansing the channel and river of Dublin.6 Anne c.20
1707Additional dutyFor granting to her majesty an additional duty on beer, ale, strong waters, tobacco, calicoes, linens, muslins and other goods and merchandises.6 Anne c.1
1707Qualification of justices of the peaceFor qualifying persons to be justices of the peace and sheriffs.Not Enacted
1707Protestant jurors in ConnaughtTo make more numerous Protestant jurors in the province of Connaught.Not Enacted
1707Margaret MacNamaraFor the relief of Margaret MacNamara.Not Enacted
1707Liberty of the subjectFor the better securing the liberty of the subject, and for preventing the imprisonment of the subject beyond the seas.Not Enacted
1707Continuing temporary statutes, and butter casksFor the continuing and perpetuating of divers laws and statutes heretofore temporary, and for amending of the law in relation to butter casks.6 Anne c.12
1707Relief of Thomas Gore, Simon Sherlock and other creditors of James Leathey, Benjamin Taylor and James DugganFor relief of Thomas Gore, Simon Sherlock and others, the creditors of James Leathey, Benjamin Taylor and James Duggan.Not Enacted
1707Suppressing lotteries and gaming tablesFor suppressing lotteries and gaming tables.6 Anne c.17
1707Naturalization of foreign ProtestantsFor continuing and amending an act, intituled an act for naturalizing all Protestant strangers in this kingdom.Not Enacted
1707Fences between neighbouring landsTo oblige proprietors and tenants of neighbouring lands to make fences between their several holdings.Not Enacted
1707Fees of sheriffsFor lessening sheriffs fees on executions.6 Anne c.7
1707Bishops' leasesTo enable archbishops, bishops and other ecclesiastical persons to make leases to Protestants only.Not Enacted
1707Arthur, Viscount DoneraileTo enable the Right Honourable Arthur, Lord Viscount Doneraile, to make leases of his estate, and to sell part thereof, and with the money arising thereby to purchase other lands to the same uses.6 Anne c.3 (private)
1707Disarming PapistsFor explaining and amending an act, intituled an act for the better securing the government by disarming of Papists.Not Enacted
1707Sir John DillonFor vesting a certain part of the estate of Sir John Dillon, in trustees, to be sold for payment of his debts, and limiting other lands in lieu thereof to the same uses.6 Anne c.6 (private)
1707Expense and delays in law suitsFor preventing expense and delays in suits in law and equity.Not Enacted
1707Corn exportsFor the encouragement of the exportation of corn out of this kingdom.6 Anne c.18
1707Sir Thomas HackettFor explaining and amending an act, intituled an act for vesting the estate of Sir Thomas Hackett, knight, in trustees, and for empowering them to sell the same for payment of his debts, if the value thereof amount to so much.6 Anne c.7 (private)
1707Registry of deeds, conveyances, and willsFor the public registry of all deeds, conveyances and wills that shall be made of any honours, manors, lands, tenements and hereditaments.6 Anne c.2
1707James, duke of Ormond; Charles, earl of ArranTo enlarge the time for executing several powers and authorities given to James, duke of Ormond, and Charles Weston, earl of Arran, by several former acts of parliament, and for making effectual and confirming the bargains, sales, fee-farms and leases made by the said duke and earl.6 Anne c.2 (private)
1707Private and secret outlawriesTo supply the defects, and for the better execution of an act, intituled an act for avoiding of private and secret outlawries of her majestys subject in personal actions.6 Anne c.15
1707To prevent Papists being solicitorsTo explain and amend an act, intituled an act to prevent Papists being solicitors.6 Anne c.6
1707Division of parishes in Dublin, and making new parish of St AnneFor dividing the several parishes of St Andrew, St Nicholas without the walls, and the united parishes of St Catharine, St James and St John of Kilmainham, and for making or erecting a new parish, by the name of the parish of St Anne, on the ground lying between Grafton Street and Merrion Street, all situate, lying and being in or near the suburbs of the city of Dublin.6 Anne c.21
1707Privilege of parliamentFor explaining and regulating privilege of parliament.6 Anne c.8
1707Preservation of gameFor the better preservation of the game.Not Enacted
1707Prisoners for debtFor the relief of poor prisoners for debt.Not Enacted
1707Securing Protestant religion against PoperyFor the better securing the Protestant religion and interest in this kingdom against Popery.Not Enacted
1707Patrick Cusack, Augustin NugentFor the relief of Patrick Cusack and Augustin Nugent, gentlemen.6 Anne c.8 (private)
1707Duty on rapeseed, tolls, stolen horsesFor continuing an act, intituled an act for lessening the duty on rapeseed to be exported and also for continuing an act, intituled an act to regulate the taking and exacting tolls throughout this kingdom and also for continuing an act, entitled an act against horse stealing, and to prevent the buying and selling of stolen horses, and for punishing all accessories to felons.Not Enacted
1707Protection of salmon fryTo prevent the destruction of salmon fry.Not Enacted
1707Marriage of children against will of parents or guardiansFor the more effectual preventing the taking away and marrying children against the wills of their parents or guardians.6 Anne c.16
1707Disputes about servants wages, and punishment of disorderly servantsTo empower justices of the peace to determine disputes about servants wages, and to oblige masters to pay the same, and to punish idle and disorderly servants.6 Anne c.13
1707Church land improvementsFor making some alterations in an act, made in the 10th year of his late majesty King Williams reign, entitled, an act to encourage building of houses, and making other improvements on church lands, and to prevent dilapidations.Not Enacted
1707Hester Sherlock, Eustace SherlockFor the relief of Hester Sherlock, widow and relict of Eustace Sherlock, and her children.Not Enacted
1707Army marchesTo prevent the disorders that may happen by marching of soldiers, and for providing carriages for the baggage of soldiers in their march.6 Anne c.14
1707Parish churches of St Mary and St Nicholas, DublinFor the raising money for the finishing the parish church of St Mary, and also for rebuilding and finishing the parish church of St Nicholas within the walls, both in the city of Dublin.6 Anne c.5 (private)
1707Superstitious usesFor the better application of money, and the profits of lands given or left to superstitious uses.Not Enacted
1707Auditing public accountsTo audit and state the public accounts of the kingdom.Not Enacted
1707Marsh's LibraryFor settling and preserving a public library forever in the house for that purpose built by His Grace Narcissus, now lord archbishop of Armagh, on part of the ground belonging to the archbishop of Dublin's palace near to the city of Dublin.6 Anne c.19
1707Murder of bastard childrenTo prevent the murdering of bastard children.Not Enacted
1707Age of consent to marriageFor the altering the several ages of man and woman, to consent to marriages.Not Enacted
1707Better ordering of servants, and recovery of their wagesFor the better ordering of servants and day-labourers, and the more easy recovery of their wages.Not Enacted
1707Murder of bastard childrenTo prevent the destroying and murdering of bastard children.6 Anne c.4
1707Augustin Nugent[For the relief of Augustin Nugent.]Not Enacted
1707Privilege of parliamentFor explaining regulating and explaining privilege of parliament.Not Enacted
1707Anthony, Lord Viscount Gormanstown; Margaret, Viscountess GormanstownFor sale of part of the estate of Anthony, called Lord Viscount Gormanstown, for payment of his debts and for settling a jointure on Margaret, Viscountess Gormanstown, in lieu of a rent charge payable to her out of the said viscounts estate.Not Enacted
1707Tuam archdioceseFor settling the proportions for tithes called quarter parts in the diocese of Tuam on the incumbents who have actual cure of souls and for uniting the wardenship of Galway to the archbishop of Tuam in lieu thereof.Not Enacted