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SessionShort TitleTitleStatute Number
1709River Suir navigationFor making the River Suir navigable.Not Enacted
1709Parents of bastard childrenTo oblige the mothers and reputed fathers of bastard children to maintain them.Not Enacted
1709Flax and hempTo amend the defects of such acts as have been made relating to the hempen and flaxen manufactures, and to encourage the further improvement thereof.8 Anne c.12
1709To prevent the further growth of PoperyFor explaining and amending an act, entitled, an act to prevent the further growth of Popery.8 Anne c.3
1709Earl of CavanFor the relief of the Right Honourable Richard, earl of Cavan, in relation to several encumbrances contracted by Charles, late earl of Cavan, on his estate in this kingdom of Ireland, and other dispositions made thereof by him.Not Enacted
1709Agmondisham VeseyFor enabling Agmondisham Vesey, esquire, to charge his estate for payment of debts.8 Anne c.4 (private)
1709River Barrow navigationFor making the River Barrow, in the counties of Kildare, Queens County, Catherlogh, Kilkenny, Wexford and Waterford navigable.Not Enacted
1709Richard, Lord Bellew of DuleekFor enabling Richard, Lord Bellew, baron of Duleek, to sell part of his estate for discharge of debts and encumbrances affecting the same, and for settling the residue thereof on himself for life, with remainder to his Protestant issue, subject to an enlargement of the jointure already settled on the right honourable the countess of Newburgh his wife.8 Anne c.2 (private)
1709Charles PlunkettFor the relief of Charles Plunkett, esquire.8 Anne c.5 (private)
1709SmythFor applying the surplus profits of the lands and tenements formerly given by Erasmus Smith, esquire, to charitable uses towards the support and maintenance of a mathematical school and schoolmaster in the city of Dublin, and other charitable uses in this kingdom.Not Enacted
1709Dorothy RawdonFor the relief of Dorothy Rawdon, spinster.8 Anne c.6 (private)
1709FisheriesFor the encouragement of the fishery of this kingdom.Not Enacted
1709Revenue officers and merchants' bondsTo oblige the officers of the revenue and exchequer, on producing proper certificates of the performance of the condition of bonds given on exportation and coastways, to deliver up such bonds to the merchants producing such certificates, without fee or reward.Not Enacted
1709Prisoners for debtFor the relief of poor prisoners for debt.Not Enacted
1709Canal from Knockbridge to Fathom, Co. Down.[For making a canal from Knockbridge to Fathom, in the county of Down.]Not Enacted
1709River Shannon navigationFor making and keeping the River Shannon in the counties of Kerry, Limerick, Tipperary, Kings County, Westmeath, Longford, Leitrim, Roscommon and Galway and Clare navigable.Not Enacted
1709Securing payment of duties granted to crownFor the better securing to her majesty the payment of such duties as shall be granted to her majesty this session of parliament.8 Anne c.1
1709MilitiaTo regulate the militia of this kingdom.Not Enacted
1709Additional dutyFor granting to her majesty an additional duty on beer, ale, strong waters, tobacco, calicoes, linens, and other goods and merchandizes, and also a duty on rock salt.8 Anne c.2
1709JurorsFor the better regulating of jurors.Not Enacted
1709Parish union and divisionFor dividing several parishes, and for building several parish churches in more convenient places.Not Enacted
1709Division of parish of Galloone in diocese of ClogherFor dividing the parish of Galloone in the diocese of Clogher.Not Enacted
1709House-breakersFor encouraging the discovery and apprehending of house-breakers.8 Anne c.8
1709Parish union and divisionFor uniting several parishes, and building churches in more convenient places.Not Enacted
1709Dissolving union of parishes of Tynan and Derrynoose, and building churches in diocese of ArmaghFor dissolving the union of the parishes of Tynan and Derrynoose, and for building several parish churches in more convenient places in the diocese of Armagh.8 Anne c.13
1709Charitable usesTo redress the misemployment of lands, goods and stocks of money, heretofore given to certain charitable uses.Not Enacted
1709Protection of salmon fry, and salmon and herring fisheriesTo prevent the destruction of salmon fry, and for the better preserving the salmon and herring fishing in this kingdom.Not Enacted
1709Estates of minors liable to debts of ancestorsFor making the estates of minors liable to the payment of the debts of their ancestors during their minority, and for the more easy taking out execution on judgments, statutes merchant, and of the staple, and for the further amendment of the law in certain other cases.Not Enacted
1709Grain, and measuresFor amending an act of the 12th of King Edward IV, entitled, an act that no grain be laden out of the realm, unless the same be at a certain price, and for amending an act for regulating the measures in this kingdom.Not Enacted
1709Corn exportsFor explaining and amending an act passed in the 6th year of her majesty's reign, for the encouraging the exportation of corn.Not Enacted
1709Fences between neighbouring landsTo oblige proprietors and tenants of neighbouring lands to make fences between their several holdings.Not Enacted
1709John WhiteTo enable [John White] to raise money out of his estate by sale, mortgage, or otherwise, for payment of portions to his younger brother and sister, and other debts affecting the said estate, and for other purposes.Not Enacted
1709Sir Maurice EustaceTo enable the trustees named in Sir Maurice Eustace's will, to sell such part of his estate for payment of his debts, as is by law liable thereto.Not Enacted
1709Quit, crown and composition rentsFor the ease of the subject in collecting quit rents, crown rents, and composition rents.Not Enacted
1709Colonel John BrowneTo confirm the sales made by the trustees of appointed to sell the estates of Colonel John Browne.Not Enacted
1709John Hore[For payment of the debts of John Hore of Shandon, in the county of Waterford, esquire].Not Enacted
1709Preventing rescuesTo prevent rescues, and for the amendment of the laws in several cases.Not Enacted
1709Public schoolsFor explaining and amending several laws now in force in this kingdom relating to public schools.Not Enacted
1709Terms of office of sheriffsFor explaining and amending several statutes for prohibiting sheriffs, under-sheriffs and sheriffs clerks from officiating as under-sheriffs or sheriffs clerks more than one year.Not Enacted
1709Liberty of the subjectFor the better securing the liberty of the subject, and for preventing of imprisonment beyond the seas.Not Enacted
1709Vexatious suits by paupersTo prevent vexatious suits prosecuted by paupers.Not Enacted
1709Planting and preserving timber treesFor the further explaining and putting in execution an act for planting and preserving timber trees and woods.Not Enacted
1709Watches in Dublin and other partsFor settling a nightly watch in the city and suburbs of Dublin and other parts of this kingdom.Not Enacted
1709Inheritance by posthumous childrenTo enable posthumous children to take estates, as if born in their fathers' lifetime, and concerning children born during elopement.8 Anne c.4
1709Assizes and sessionsTo prevent delays of proceedings at the assizes and sessions.8 Anne c.5
1709CounterfeitingFor the better preventing the counterfeiting the current coin of this kingdom.8 Anne c.6
1709Escapes from marshalsea prison of Four CourtsFor the better preventing escapes out of the prison of marshalsea of the Four Courts.8 Anne c.7
1709Delivering declarations to prisonersFor delivering declarations to prisoners.8 Anne c.9
1709Registry of deeds, conveyances, and willsFor amending an act, entitled, an act for the public registering of all deeds, conveyances and wills, that shall be made of any honors, manors, lands, tenements or hereditaments.8 Anne c.10
1709Bills of exchange and promissory notesFor the better payment of inland bills of exchange, and for making promissory notes more obligatory.8 Anne c.11
1709Richard, earl of Ranelagh; William WestgarthTo vest part of the estate of Richard, earl of Ranelagh, in William Westgarth, esquire, to be sold for payment of the debts of the said earl.8 Anne c.1 (private)
1709Sir Montague BlundellTo enable Sir Montague Blundell, baronet, a minor, to make a settlement of his estate on his marriage, notwithstanding his infancy.8 Anne c.3 (private)
1709Frauds by bankruptsTo prevent frauds frequently committed by such as become bankrupts.Not Enacted
1709Blasphemy and profanenessFor the more effectual suppressing of blasphemy and profaneness.Not Enacted
1709SheepTo restrain the number of sheep in any one persons hands or custody.Not Enacted
1709Corn transportDirecting when corn may be transported, and when not.Not Enacted
1709Stealing of deerFor the effectual discovery and punishment of deer stealers.Not Enacted
1709Harbour of BelfastFor finishing the quay, and cleansing and keeping in repair the harbour and dock of Belfast.Not Enacted
1709Harbour of WexfordFor opening and cleansing the mouth of the harbour of Wexford, and setting a buoy and perch there.Not Enacted
1709Tenure of judges' employmentFor explaining and amending an act made in the 10th year of King Henry VII, concerning the granting judicial employments.Not Enacted
1709Qualification of justices of the peaceFor qualifying persons to be justices of the peace.Not Enacted
1709Enabling tenants for life to make leases for three lives to ProtestantsTo enable tenants for life to make leases for three lives, or one and thirty years, to Protestants, at the best improved rent, without fine.Not Enacted
1709Provision for poorFor the better providing for the poor of this kingdom.Not Enacted
1709Grand jury presentmentsTo amend and render more useful an act, entitled, an act to prevent the illegal raising of money by grand juries, and the misapplying of money legally raised.Not Enacted
1709Richard BoltonTo enable Richard Bolton, of Braziel, in the county of Dublin, esquire, to charge his real estate for the portions of his daughters and younger sons.Not Enacted
1709Theophilus JonesFor vesting certain lands, tenements and hereditaments in the counties of Leitrim, Longford, Roscommon, Meath and the county of the city of Dublin in the kingdom of Ireland, part of the estate of Theophilus Jones of Headfort in the county of Leitrim, esquire, in certain trustees for payment of his debts, and to enable the said trustees to sell all or a sufficient part of the premises for the payment of his said debts.Not Enacted