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SessionShort TitleTitleStatute Number
1711Quit, crown and composition rentsFor the ease of her majesty's subjects in their paying of quit rents, crown rents and composition rents.Not Enacted
1711Anne, countess of Tyrone; Lady Catherine Power; James, late earl of TyroneTo enable the Right Honourable Anne, countess of Tyrone, during her life, or such person or persons as after her decease shall be guardian or guardians to the Lady Catherine Power, daughter of James, late earl of Tyrone, to set leases of the estate of said earl for a term not exceeding 31 years, at a full and improved rent without fine.11 Anne c.1 (private)
1711John Walsh, Edward WalshFor the sale of the town and lands of Cork, alias Corkagh, situate in the county of Dublin, part of the estate of John Walsh, esquire, for the payment of debts contracted by Edward Walsh, esquire, his deceased brother, now affecting said lands and other lands, the estate of said John.11 Anne c.4 (private)
1711Dorothy RawdonFor explaining an act passed in a former session of this present parliament entitled an act for the relief of Dorothy Rawdon, spinster.11 Anne c.3 (private)
1711Blasphemy and profanenessFor the more effectual suppressing of blasphemy and profaneness.Not Enacted
1711Preservation of gameFor the better preservation of the game.11 Anne c.7
1711Encouragement of tillageFor the encouragement of tillage.Not Enacted
1711GamingFor the better preventing of excessive and deceitful gaming.11 Anne c.5
1711Qualification of justices of the peaceFor qualifying persons to be justices of the peace in this kingdom.Not Enacted
1711Frauds by tenantsFor the more effectual preventing of frauds committed by tenants.11 Anne c.2
1711Qualification of members of parliamentFor qualifying persons to be members of parliament in this kingdom.Not Enacted
1711Vagabonds and beggars, and regulation of poor in parishesFor rendering more effectual the statute made in the 33rd year of the reign of King HenryVIII relating to vagabonds and vagrant beggars, and for the better regulating the poor within the respective parishes of this kingdom, and employing such as are able to labour.Not Enacted
1711Vestries' raising of moneyTo regulate the method of raising money at vestries.Not Enacted
1711Renewal of leases by guardiansTo enable guardians and others to renew leases for lives.11 Anne c.3
1711Suppressing lotteriesFor suppressing lotteries.11 Anne c.6
1711Terms of office of sheriffsFor explaining and amending several statutes for prohibiting under-sheriffs and sheriffs clerks from officiating for more than one year.11 Anne c.8
1711Liberty of the subjectFor better securing the liberty of the subject, and for prevention of imprisonment beyond the seas.Not Enacted
1711Fences between neighbouring landsTo oblige the proprietors and tenants of neighbouring lands to make fences between their several holdings.Not Enacted
1711Coal tradeFor the more effectual preventing the engrossing, forestalling and regrating of coals imported into this kingdom.11 Anne c.4
1711Additional dutyFor granting to her majesty an additional duty on beer, ale, strong waters, tobacco and other goods and merchandises.11 Anne c.1
1711Clandestine marriagesTo prevent clandestine marriages.Not Enacted
1711FlaxTo encourage the sowing and dressing of flax in this kingdom.Not Enacted
1711Francis Bernard; Stephen and Peter Ludlow; William Penn, senior; William Penn, juniorTo vest the inheritance of certain lands in the barony of Ibaune and Barryroe in the county of Cork in Francis Bernard, esquire, and his heirs, and to vest certain terms for years in the said lands in Stephen and Peter Ludlow, esquires, respectively, in trust for the said Francis Bernard, pursuant to an agreement made between the said Francis Bernard and William Pen, senior, and William Pen, junior, esquires, for the purchase of the said lands.11 Anne c.2 (private)
1711James Donelan (or Donnellan)For enabling James Donelan of Cloghan in County Roscommon, esquire, to sell or mortgage certain lands or tenements for payment of his debts, and for securing a jointure to his wife.11 Anne c.5 (private)
1711TithesFor the more easy recovery of tithes and other ecclesiastical dues, and to prevent frequent excommunications.Not Enacted
1711Gashing and cutting of hidesTo prevent the gashing and cutting of hides or skins in the fleaing thereof.Not Enacted
1711Tenants for lives and renewal of leasesFor preventing the great expense, hazard and trouble which tenants for life are usually at in renewing their leases.Not Enacted
1711Parish union and division, and free schoolsFor union and division of parishes, and making provision for erecting free schools to teach Irish children the English tongue.Not Enacted
1711Charitable usesFor the better securing what is given to pious and charitable uses.Not Enacted
1711Manse housesFor the amending and putting in execution an act for improving of manse houses.Not Enacted
1711Parish union and divisionFor real union and division of parishes.Not Enacted
1711Writs of mandamus and quo warrantosFor rendering the proceedings upon writs of mandamus, and informations in the nature of quo warranto, more speedy and effectual, and for the more easy trying and determining the rights of offices and franchises in corporations and boroughs.Not Enacted
1711Preventing firesFor the better preventing mischiefs that may happen by fire.Not Enacted
1711FeesFor preventing the taking excessive fees for warrants, recognizances and examinations.Not Enacted