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1721Additional dutyFor granting and continuing to his majesty the additional duties on beer, ale, strong waters, tobacco, and other goods and merchandises, and also upon all sorts of wine, strong waters, and spirits perfectly made, and upon all spirits made and distilled of wine, and also for granting and continuing the further additional duties on beer, ale, aqua vitae, and strong waters, brewed and made in this kingdom, and upon brandy or spirits above proof, and on tea, coffee, chocolate, and cocoa-nuts, and also a tax on all salaries, profits of employments, fees, and pensions therein mentioned, and for securing the repayment of 50,000 sterling formerly advanced to his late majesty, for the use of the public, together with the interest thereof.8 George I c.1
1721Frauds by tenantsFor amending an act, entitled, an act to explain and amend an act, entitled, an act for the more effectual preventing frauds committed by tenants.8 George I c.2
1721Quarantine of ships and prevention of plagueTo oblige ships coming from infected places more effectually to perform their quarantine, and for the better preventing of the plague being brought from foreign parts into this kingdom.8 George I c.3
1721Quieting possessions, and preventing vexatious suitsFor the more effectual quieting and securing possessions, and preventing vexatious suits at law.8 George I c.4
1721Fences between neighbouring landsTo oblige proprietors and tenants of neighbouring lands to make fences between their several lands and holdings.8 George I c.5
1721Amendment of the law, and for continuing and amending expiring actsFor the further amendment of the law, and for continuing and amending several acts near expiring.8 George I c.6
1721Butter trade, hides, salmonFor the further amendment of the laws in relation to butter and tallow casks, hides and other commodities of this kingdom, and for preventing the destruction of salmon.8 George I c.7
1721Planting and preserving timber treesFor repealing part of an act passed in the 10th year of King William III, entitled an act for planting and preserving timber trees and woods, and also for giving further encouragement to plant and preserve timber trees and woods.8 George I c.8
1721Transportation of felons, suppression of tories and rapparees, and enlistment in foreign serviceFor amending an act, entitled, for the better and more effectual apprehending and transporting felons and others, and for continuing and amending several laws for suppressing tories, robbers, and rapparees, and also to prevent the enlisting of his majesty's subjects to serve as soldiers in foreign service, without his majesty's licence.8 George I c.9
1721Parish watches, mending highways and public moneyFor continuing and amending an act, entitled, an act for better regulating the parish watches, amending the highways in this kingdom, and for preventing misapplication of public money.8 George I c.10
1721GlebesFor supplying a defect in an act passed in the 2nd year of her late majesty's reign, entitled, an act for the exchange of glebes belonging to the churches in this kingdom.8 George I c.11
1721Clerical residenceFor better enabling the clergy having cure of souls to reside on their benefices, and for the encouragement of Protestant schools within this kingdom of Ireland.8 George I c.12
1721Reducing rate of interest to 7 per centFor reducing the interest of money to 7 per cent.8 George I c.13
1721Bankers' notes ('the Bankers' Act')For the better securing the payment of bankers' notes.8 George I c.14
1721Registry of deeds, conveyances, and willsFor explaining and amending two several acts in relation to the public registering of all deeds, conveyances, and wills.8 George I c.15
1721Lighting in Dublin, Cork and LimerickFor amending an act, entitled, an act for erecting and continuing lights in the city of Dublin, and the several liberties adjoining, and also in the cities of Cork and Limerick, and liberties thereof.8 George I c.16
1721Quit, crown and composition rentsFor the ease of his majesty's subjects in their paying of quit rents, crown rents, and composition rents.Not Enacted
1721Preserving records of outlawries of high treasonFor the more effectual preserving the records of outlawries of high treason in this kingdom.Not Enacted
1721Earl of Antrim[For empowering the Right Honourable Randal Earl of Antrim to take fines and grant fee farms or leases for lives, of his estate in Co. Antrim, to Protestants, not lessening the present rent, in order to raise money for discharging encumbrances, and making provision for daughters and younger children].Not Enacted
1721Patrick RyanFor relief of Patrick Ryan esquire, by the sale of part of his estate for payment of his debts.Not Enacted
1721Insolvent debtorsFor the relief of insolvent debtors.Not Enacted
1721Joshua Dawson and parish of St Anne, DublinFor confirming the exchange made between Joshua Dawson, esquire, and parishioners of St Anne's, Dublin.Not Enacted
1721Pious usesFor explaining and amending an act, entitled an act for maintenance and execution of pious uses.Not Enacted
1721To prevent the further growth of PoperyFor explaining and amending the several acts to prevent the further growth of Popery.Not Enacted
1721Securing the Protestant interestFor the further security of the Protestant interest in this kingdom.Not Enacted
1721Audley MervynFor sale of part of the estate of Audley Mervyn, esquire, for the payment of the debts of his late father, Audley Mervyn, deceased.Not Enacted
1721Tithe of hemp, flax and hopsFor ascertaining the tithes of hemp, flax and hops.Not Enacted
1721Bank of IrelandFor establishing a bank in Ireland.Not Enacted
1721Relief of James Leathley, Benjamin Taylor and James Duggan, and their creditorsFor the relief of James Leathley, Benjamin Taylor, and James Duggan, and their creditors, in respect of several sums of money illegally taken and exacted from them in the treasury, during the time Sir William Robinson was Deputy Vice-Treasurer General of this kingdom.Not Enacted
1721James EcclesFor discovering the effects of James Eccles, merchant, thereby to oblige him to pay his debts owing to Sir John Eccles, knight.Not Enacted
1721Hawkers and pedlarsFor licensing hawkers, peddlers, and petty chapmen.Not Enacted
1721Preservation of gameFor the preservation of the game and the more easy conviction of such as shall destroy the same.Not Enacted
1721Malt tradeTo prevent frauds and abuses committed in the making of malt.Not Enacted
1721Encouragement of tillage, and regulation of corn tradeFor the encouragement of tillage, and the regulating the buying and selling of corn.Not Enacted
1721Samuel Hill, Sir Maurice Eustace[To enable him [Samuel Hill] to amend his claim exhibited before the trustees appointed by act of parliament for the relief of the creditors of Sir Maurice Eustace, by inserting several judgements in his said claim, which by mistake are omitted].Not Enacted
1721Flax and hempFor amending several laws now in force for encouraging the hempen and flaxen manufacture in this kingdom.Not Enacted
1721Frauds by bankruptsTo prevent frauds frequently committed by bankrupts.Not Enacted
1721William Smith[He [William Smith], Miller, is affected by an act passed in the last session of parliament for cleansing and repairing the water-course leading from the river Dodder to the city of Dublin, and praying relief therein].Not Enacted
1721Button manufacture and saleTo prohibit the wearing of buttons and buttonholes made of cloth, serge or other stuffs, and for the making of buttons of thread, worsted, and hair.Not Enacted
1721William Moore[For sale of part of his William Moore estate for payment of his debts].Not Enacted
1721Countess dowager of Antrim and Lady Helena MacDonnellFor further securing the jointure of Rachel, Countess Dowager of Antrim, widow and relict of Randal, late Earl of Antrim, deceased, and for providing a portion for the Lady Helena MacDonnell.Not Enacted
1721Harbour of DublinFor making the harbour of Dublin more safe and commodious.Not Enacted
1721Marriage of children against will of parents or guardiansFor explaining an act for the more effectual preventing the taking away and marrying children against the wills of their parents or guardians.Not Enacted