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1729Forestalling, corn measures and bread priceAgainst forestallers, regraters, and engrossers, for the better ascertaining the measures of corn, and regulating the price and assize of bread.Not Enacted
1729Erection of public granaries[To erect public granaries in proper places, and under proper regulations.]Not Enacted
1729Money for industrious men to carry on their tradesTo supply industrious men with money to carry on their trades, and for the better providing for the poor of this kingdom.Not Enacted
1729Writs of mandamus and quo warrantosFor rendering the proceedings upon writs of mandamus, and informations in the nature of a quo warranto, more speedy effectual, and for the more easy trying and determining the rights of offices and franchises in corporations and boroughs.Not Enacted
1729Persons going abroad to defraud creditorsTo prevent persons from clandestinely transporting themselves to foreign parts, in order to defraud their creditors.Not Enacted
1729Road from Dublin to DroghedaFor repairing the road leading from the city of Dublin to the town of Drogheda.Not Enacted
1729Bribery and corruption in parliament electionsFor the effectual preventing bribery and corruption in the election of members to serve in parliament.Not Enacted
1729Securing Protestant religion and interestFor better securing the Protestant religion and interest of this kingdom, against the further attempts of the Papists.Not Enacted
1729MinesFor explaining and amending an act, entitled, an act for the further encouragement of finding and working mines and minerals within this kingdom.Not Enacted
1729Relief of creditors of Sir John Fleming, knight, and Michael FlemingFor the relief of Protestant creditors and lessees of Sir John Fleming, knight, deceased, and of Michael Fleming, esquire, only son of the said Sir John Fleming.Not Enacted
1729Running of goodsFor the further and more effectual preventing the running of goods and for the encouragement of the fair traders in this kingdom.Not Enacted
1729RiotsTo prevent tumultuous riots, and for the more effectual punishing of the rioters.Not Enacted
1729Mending of roads within 20 miles of DublinFor amending the roads within 20 miles of Dublin.Not Enacted
1729Road from Dublin to Clonard BridgeFor repairing and amending the road leading from Dublin to Clonard Bridge, through the town of Chapelizod, Palmerstown, Lucan, Leixlip, Maynooth, Kilcock, Cloncurry, and Clonard.Not Enacted
1729Additional dutyFor granting and continuing to his majesty, an additional duty on beer, ale, strong waters, wine, tobacco, and other goods and merchandises, therein mentioned.3 George II c.2
1729Additional duty, and tax on salaries to repay government loanFor granting to his majesty a further additional duty on wine, strong waters, brandy, and spirits, and also a tax of 4s. in the pound on all salaries, profits of employments, fees, and pensions, to be applied to pay an interest at the rate of 6 per cent per annum, for the sum of 200,000 and towards the discharge of the said principal sum.3 George II c.1
1729Clerical residenceFor supplying a defect in an act for rendering more effectual an act for the better enabling the clergy, having cure of souls, to reside upon their respective benefices, and for the encouragement of Protestant schools within this kingdom of Ireland.3 George II c.12
1729Continuing temporary statutesFor continuing several temporary statutes made in this kingdom, and now near expiring, and for the amendment of several other statutes therein mentioned.3 George II c.5
1729Terms of office of sheriffsFor the further explaining and amending of several statutes for prohibiting under-sheriffs and sheriffs clerks, from officiating as sub-sheriffs or sheriffs-clerks, more than one year, and to render more effectual an act to prevent fees being taken in certain cases, to take away the pretended office of barony-clerk, and to oblige sheriffs to appoint deputies for granting the replevins, and also for discharging prisoners unable to pay their fines.3 George II c.9
1729Army marchesFor explaining and amending an act, entitled, an act to prevent the disorders that may happen by the marching of soldiers, and for providing carriages for the baggage of soldiers in their march.3 George II c.10
1729Forgery, and transportation of felonsFor the more effectual preventing and further punishment of forgery, perjury, and subornation of perjury, and to make it felony to steal bonds, notes, or other securities for payment of money, and for the more effectual transporting of felons, vagabonds, and others.3 George II c.4
1729Qualification of office holders under act to prevent further growth of PoperyFor allowing further time to persons in offices to qualify themselves, pursuant to an act, entitled, an act to prevent the further growth of Popery.3 George II c.6
1729Church repairsFor the better keeping of churches in repair.3 George II c.11
1729Lighting in Dublin, Cork and LimerickFor explaining and amending an act made in the 6th year of the reign of his late majesty King George I, entitled, an act for erecting and continuing lights in the city of Dublin, and the several liberties adjoining, and also in the cities of Cork and Limerick, and liberties thereof.3 George II c.22
1729Riots in DublinFor the more effectual preventing of riots and unlawful confederacies to disturb the peace in the county of the city of Dublin and the liberties thereunto adjoining.Not Enacted
1729For better discovery of judgements in courts at Dublin, and for greater security of purchasersFor the better discovery of judgements in the courts of king's bench, common pleas, and exchequer, at Dublin, and for the greater security of purchasers.3 George II c.7
1729Trial of criminals in DublinFor the more speedy trial of criminals in the county of the city of Dublin, and county Dublin.3 George II c.15
1729Insolvent debtorsFor the relief of insolvent debtors.3 George II c.20
1729Relief of prisoners for debt, and regulation of gaolsFor the relief of debtors with respect to the imprisonment of their persons, and for the better regulating of his majesty's gaol of Newgate, and other gaols in this kingdom, and for the more effectual punishing of the arbitrary and illegal practices of the several keepers of the said prisons.Not Enacted
1729Dissolving marriage of Joseph Austin and Mary MitchellTo dissolve the marriage of Joseph Austin, of the city of Cork, merchant, with Mary Mitchell, and to enable him to marry again.3 George II c.1 (private)
1729Road from Dublin to Kilcullen Bridge, Co. KildareFor repairing the road leading from the city of Dublin to Kilcullen Bridge, in the county of Kildare.3 George II c.18
1729Road from Dublin to Navan, Co. MeathFor repairing and amending the road leading from the city of Dublin to the town of Navan, in county Meath.3 George II c.19
1729Nicholas Ambrose French; John Digby; Simon Digby, late Bishop of ElphinFor vesting part of the estate of Nicholas Ambrose French, of the city of London, gentleman, in trustees, to be sold for payment of debts and encumbrances affecting his estate, and for confirming and establishing unto John Digby esquire, and his heirs, and unto the assigns of the right Reverend Simon Digby, late Bishop of Elphin, the lands purchased by him from Nicholas French, of Corgery, in County Galway, esquire, father of the said Nicholas Ambrose French.3 George II c.2 (private)
1729Qualification of justices of the peace, and disabling Aldermen Wilkinson and BoltonFor better regulating the fees of justices of the peace, and for disabling Alderman Thomas Wilkinson and Alderman Thomas Bolton for acting as justice of the peace within this kingdom.3 George II c.16
1729Encouragement of tillage, draining bogs, and inland carriageFor the encouragement of tillage, and better employment of the poor, and also for the more effectual putting in execution and act, entitled, an act to encourage the draining and improving of bogs and unprofitable low grounds, and for easing and dispatching the inland carriage and conveyance of goods from one part to another within this kingdom, and for laying several duties upon coaches, berlins, chariots, calashes, chaises, and chairs, and upon cards and dice, and upon wrought and manufactured gold and silver plate, imported into or made in Ireland, for the purposes therein mentioned, and also for repealing the duties payable upon exportation of wool, bay yarn, and woollen yarn, out of this kingdom for Ireland.3 George II c.3
1729Steevens' HospitalFor finishing and regulating the hospital founded by Richard Stevens, esquire, doctor of physic.3 George II c.23
1729John OdellFor the relief of the younger children of John Odell, esquire, deceased.3 George II c.3 (private)
1729Henry Kenney; Elizabeth Kenney, alias DodwellTo enable Henry Kenney, esquire, and Elizabeth Kenney, alias Dodwell, his wife, to sell the said Elizabeth's estate, lying and dispersed in the counties of Roscommon, Westmeath, town of Athlone, and city of Dublin, far distant from the said Henry's mansion house and estate in county Wexford, and with the money arising by such sale to purchase other lands more contiguous, to be settled to the same uses mentioned in their marriage articles.3 George II c.5 (private)
1729Paving and cleansing in DublinFor explaining and amending the several laws now in force for paving and cleansing the streets of the city of Dublin, and the liberties of St. Sepulchre's, Thomas-Court, and Donore, and for other purposes therein mentioned.3 George II c.13
1729New parliament houseTo enable his majesty to purchase in the respective interests of the several persons entitled to the houses and grounds adjoining to the new parliament house.3 George II c.8
1729Ports and ballast offices in Cork, Galway, Sligo, Drogheda and BelfastFor cleansing the ports, harbours, and rivers of the city of Cork, and the towns of Galway, Sligo, Drogheda, and Belfast, and for erecting a ballast-office in the said city, and each of the said towns.3 George II c.21
1729Richard WolseleyTo enable Richard Wolseley, esquire, and other persons interested in common with him in the manor and lands of Moynart, and other lands in county Wexford, and the woods thereon, to come to a partition and division thereof.3 George II c.4 (private)
1729Combinations of workmen, and brick tradeTo prevent unlawful combinations of workmen, artificers, and labourers, employed in the several trades and manufactures of this kingdom, and for the better payment of their wages, as also to prevent abuses in making bricks, and to ascertain their dimensions.3 George II c.14
1729Workhouse in Dublin, vagabonds, lunatics and foundling childrenFor enabling the governors of the workhouse of the city of Dublin to provide for and employ the poor therein, and for the more effectual punishment of vagabonds, and also for the better securing of and providing for lunatics and foundling children.3 George II c.17