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1737Flax and hempFor the further encouragement of the hempen and flaxen manufactures.11 George II c.4
1737Privilege of parliamentTo explain and amend an act, entitled, an act for preventing inconveniences that may happen by privilege of parliament.11 George II c.5
1737English languge to be used in courts of justiceThat all proceedings in courts of justice within this kingdom shall be in the English language.11 George II c.6
1737Enlistment in foreign serviceFor the more effectual preventing the enlisting of his majesty's subjects to serve as soldiers in foreign service without his majesty's licence.11 George II c.7
1737Maiming and wounding, and carrying secret armsTo prevent malicious maiming and wounding, and to prevent carrying secret arms.11 George II c.8
1737Preserving ships forced on shoreFor enforcing and making perpetual an act, entitled, an act for the preserving all such ships and goods thereof which shall happen to be forced on shore or stranded upon the coasts of this kingdom, and also for inflicting the punishment of death on such as shall wilfully burn, sink or destroy ships.11 George II c.9
1737Qualification of office holders under act to prevent further growth of Popery, and Protestant Dissenter marriagesFor allowing further time to persons in offices to qualify themselves, pursuant to an act, entitled, an act to prevent the further growth of Popery, and for giving further ease to Protestant Dissenters, with respect to matrimonial contracts.11 George II c.10
1737Corn, bread and marketsFor the buying and selling of all sorts of corn and meal, and other things therein mentioned, by weight, and for the more effectual preventing the frauds committed in the buying and selling thereof, and for regulating the price and assize of bread, and for better regulating the markets.11 George II c.11
1737Preservation of gameFor the better preservation of the game.11 George II c.12
1737Continuing temporary statutesFor reviving, continuing, explaining and amending several temporary statutes, and for other purposes therein mentioned.11 George II c.13
1737FisheriesFor the further improvement and encouragement of the fishery of this kingdom.11 George II c.14
1737Preserving inheritance of churchTo repeal part of an act, passed in the 10th and 11th years of King Charles I, entitled, an act for the preservation of the inheritance, rights, and profits of lands belonging to the Church and persons ecclesiastical, and also for the more easy recovery of arrears of rent due to archbishops and bishops upon their translation.11 George II c.15
1737Insolvent debtorsFor the relief of insolvent debtors.11 George II c.16
1737Roads from Mullingar to Roscommon town, and from Kinnegad, Co. Westmeath, to AthloneTo explain and amend an act, entitled, an act for repairing the road leading from the town of Mullingar, in the county of Westmeath, through the towns of Rathcondra and Mevore, in the said county, and through the town of Ballymahon, in the county of Longford, to Lanesborough, in the said county, and for repairing the road leading from the said town of Lanesborough to the town of Roscommon, in the county of Roscommon, and also for amending one other act of the 7th year of his present majesty, entitled, an act for repairing the road leading from the town of Kinnegad, in the county of Westmeath, to the town of Athlone, in the said county.11 George II c.17
1737Road from Toomyvara, Co. Tipperary, to LimerickFor repairing the high road from the town of Tomivarah, in the county of Tipperary, to the town of silver-mines, as also to the town of Nenagh, and from the said towns of Nenagh and silver-mines, by shally-orchard, through the town of Tullo, in the said county, to the city of Limerick.11 George II c.18
1737Lighting in DublinFor the further explaining and amending the several acts of parliament now in force for erecting lamps in the city of Dublin and liberties thereof.11 George II c.19
1737Charles CooteTo enable Charles Coote, of Cootehill, in the county of Cavan, esquire, to charge his estate settled on his intermarriage, with a further sum of 8000 for the portions and provisions of three or more younger children, whether sons or daughters, or both, so as the same, with the sum of 4000 charged thereon by the said settlement, do not amount to more than 2000 apiece for such younger children, if equally divided, upon the consideration therein mentioned.11 George II c.1 (private)
1737Hugh Rainey's charitable bequestFor rendering the charity devised by the will of Hugh Rainey, late of Magherafelt, in the county of Londonderry, gentleman, more effectual, and to enable the devisees under the said will to make fee-farm leases and leases for lives renewable forever.11 George II c.2 (private)
1737Daniel Reddy, Dudley ReddyFor the relief of the creditors of Daniel Reddy, esquire, and of Dudley Reddy, his brother, deceased, by the sale of their real and personal estates, for payment of their debts.11 George II c.3 (private)
1737Additional dutyFor granting and continuing to his majesty an additional duty on beer, ale, strong waters, wine, tobacco, and other goods and merchandizes therein mentioned.11 George II c.1
1737Additional duty, and tax on salaries to repay government loanFor granting to his majesty a further additional duty on wine, silk, hops, china, earthen, japanned or lacquered ware, and vinegar, and also a tax of 4s. in the pound on all salaries, profits of employments, fees, and pensions, to be applied to pay an interest of 5 per cent per annum for the sum of 300,000 or such part thereof as shall remain unpaid on the 25th day of December 1737, and towards the discharge of the said principal sum.11 George II c.2
1737Sheriffs' courts and other inferior courtsFor the better regulating of sheriffs' courts, and other inferior courts.Not Enacted
1737Registry of deeds, conveyances, and willsFor amending and explaining an act, entitled, an act for the public registering of all deeds, conveyances and wills, that shall be made of any honours, manors, lands, tenements, or hereditaments.Not Enacted
1737Encouragement of tillageFor the further encouragement of tillage.Not Enacted
1737Tithe of hemp and flaxFor the better ascertaining the tithe of hemp and flax.Not Enacted
1737Enabling courts to use affidavits taken in England, and regulating office of six clerksTo enable the several courts of law and equity in this kingdom to make use of affidavits, taken before any judge of any of the courts of Westminster, or before the any of the masters of the high court of chancery in that part of Great Britain, called England, and for regulating the office of the six clerks of the high court of chancery of this kingdom.Not Enacted
1737Grand juriesFor the better regulating grand juries.Not Enacted
1737Parish workhousesFor enabling such parishes as shall think proper to erect public workhouses for employing vagrants.Not Enacted
1737Ecclesiastical courtsFor the better regulating the proceedings of ecclesiastical courts.Not Enacted
1737MortmainTo restrain the dispositions of lands, whereby the same may become unalienable.Not Enacted
1737James Barry, called Lord Buttevant; Anne, countess of Barrymore; James, earl of BarrymoreFor enabling James Barry, commonly called Lord Buttevant, to join with his mother, Anne, countess of Barrymore, and his father James, earl of Barrymore, in a settlement to be made upon his marriage notwithstanding his minority.Not Enacted
1737Bishops' leasesFor repealing so much of the said statute as relates to the issuing commissions under the great seal for inquiring into and finding the value of bishops' leases.Not Enacted
1737Preserving inheritance of churchTo explain and amend an act, passed in the 10th and 11th years of King Charles I, entitled, an act for the preservation of the inheritance, rights, and profits of lands belonging to the Church and persons ecclesiastical.Not Enacted
1737Francis HeatonFor establishing and confirming a partition of certain lands, late of the estate of Francis Heaton of Ballyskenagh alias Mount Heaton, in the King's county, esquire, deceased, and to subject the said partition to an equal proportion of the encumbrances affecting the said lands.Not Enacted
1737Continuing temporary statutesFor continuing several temporary statutes, now near expiring.Not Enacted
1737Revenue, and running of goodsFor continuing and amending several laws heretofore made relating to his majesty's revenue, and the more effectual preventing the running of goods.11 George II c.3