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1741Additional dutyFor granting and continuing to his majesty an additional duty on beer, ale, strong waters, wine, tobacco, and other goods and merchandizes therein mentioned.15 George II c.1
1741Additional duty, and tax on salaries to repay government loanFor granting to his majesty a further additional duty on wine, silk, hops, china, earthen, japanned or lacquered ware, and vinegar, and also a tax of 4s. in the pound on all salaries, profits of employments, fees and pensions, to be applied to pay an interest of 4 per cent per annum upon the sum of 125,000 part of the sum of 300,000 and an interest of 5 per cent per annum upon such part of the residue thereof as shall remain unpaid on the 25th day of December, 1741, and also to pay an interest of 4 per cent per annum upon a further sum, not exceeding the sum of 125,000 to be borrowed for the purposes herein mentioned, and towards the discharge of the said principal sums.15 George II c.2
1741RevenueFor continuing and amending several laws hereforto made relating to his majesty's revenue, and the more effectual preventing frauds in his majesty's customs and excise.15 George II c.3
1741Qualification of office holders under act to prevent further growth of PoperyFor allowing further time to persons in offices or employments to qualify themselves, pursuant to an act, entitled, an act to prevent the further growth of Popery.15 George II c.4
1741Bishops' landsTo enable archbishops and bishops to demise part of their demesne lands, and to change the site of their mansion houses.15 George II c.5
1741Continuing temporary statutesFor continuing and amending several statutes now near expiring, and for other purposes therein mentioned.15 George II c.6
1741Partnerships and promotion of tradeFor the better regulation of partnerships to encourage the trade and manufactures of this kingdom.15 George II c.7
1741Payment of rents, and frauds by tenantsFor the more effectual securing the payment of rents, and preventing frauds by tenants.15 George II c.8
1741Butchers and cattleTo explain and amend a clause in an act passed in this kingdom in the 2nd year of the reign of her late majesty Queen Anne, entitled, an act to prohibit butchers from being graziers, and to redress several abuses in buying and selling of cattle, and in slaughtering and packing of beef, tallow and hides.15 George II c.9
1741MinesFor explaining and amending an act, entitled, an act for the further encouragement of finding and working mines and minerals in this kingdom.15 George II c.10
1741Lighting in Dublin, Cork and LimerickTo revive an amend an act made in the 6th year of his late majesty King George I, entitled, an act for erecting and continuing lights in the city of Dublin and the several liberties adjoining, and also in the cities of Cork and Limerick, and liberties thereof, as far as the same relates to the liberties adjoining to the city of Dublin, and to the cities of Cork and Limerick, and the liberties thereof.15 George II c.11
1741Henry Barry, Lord Barry of SantryFor vesting the estate of Henry Barry, late Lord Barry, of Santry, in trustees, to be sold for payment of his debts, and for other purposes therein mentioned.15 George II c.1 (private)
1741John JacobFor vesting part of the estate of John Jacob, late of Coolemore, in the county of Tipperary, esquire, deceased, in certain trustees, for sale thereof, in order to pay and discharge his debts and legacies.15 George II c.2 (private)
1741Physic professorships in DublinFor vacating the office of the king's professor of physic in Dublin upon the death or surrender of the present king's professor, and for erecting three professorships of physic in the said city instead thereof.15 George II c.3 (private)
1741Stealing of cattle and sheepFor the more effectual preventing the stealing of sheep and black cattle.Not Enacted
1741Stealing and destroying of cattle and sheepTo render the laws more effectual for preventing the stealing and destroying of sheep and other cattle, and for the further encouragement of the apprehending and convicting robbers, and other persons therein mentioned, and to repeal part of an act, entitled, an act to explain and amend an act passed in the 6th year of the reign of his late majesty King George I, entitled, an act for the better regulating the parish watches, and the amending the highways in this kingdom, and preventing the misapplication of public money.Not Enacted
1741Insolvent debtorsFor the relief of insolvent debtors.Not Enacted
1741Regulating parliament electionsFor the further regulation of elections of members to serve in parliament.Not Enacted
1741Forestalling, engrossing and regratingFor explaining and amending the laws now in being against forestallers and regrators, and to prevent the mischief which happen by means of such illegal dealers.Not Enacted
1741Andrew Savage, Roger Hall, Catherine Hall, otherwise SavageFor vesting the estate of Andrew Savage, esquire, in the county of Down, in trustees, upon trust, by sale or mortgage or a competent part thereof, to raise the sum of 3000 to be paid to Roger Hall esquire as the portion of Catherine Hall, otherwise Savage, his wife, and he interest thereof, and for settling the residue and remainder of the estate to the several uses and purposes therein mentioned.Not Enacted
1741Road from Kilbeggan, Co. Westmeath, to Ballinasloe, Co. GalwayFor repairing the road leading from the town of Kilbeggan, in the county of Westmeath, to the town of Raghra, in the King's county, and from thence to the town of Ballinasloe, in the county of Galway.Not Enacted
1741Measure of lime and fern ashesFor ascertaining the measure of lime and fern ashes.Not Enacted
1741Drugs and medicinesFor amending and making more effectual an act, entitled, an act for preventing frauds and abuses committed in the making and vending unsound, adulterated and bad drugs and medicines.Not Enacted
1741Nuisances in cities and townsFor the abating the several nuisances in cities and towns corporate within this kingdom.Not Enacted
1741Additional dutyFor granting to his majesty an additional duty on beer and ale imported from abroad.Not Enacted