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New York, Columbia University Library MS. Plimpton 261

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Codicological Data

Begins on fol. 1, 'Here begynnyth [th]e new croniclis compendiusli ydrawe of [th]e gestis of kyngis of Ingelond wi[th] o[th]ir notable and meuelose [th]yngis [th]at happed & fortuned in ther tymes...'.
Matheson Version
PV-1437: B
Matheson Number
Pages in Mathson, The Prose Brut
Date of production
Poss. 3rd quarter C15
References in LALME
No entry in LALME
Items in the MS
Brut Chronicle, fols 1r-133v, colophon: ‘Explicit liber chronicon Quod Ricardus Rede’.
Related Manuscripts
Number of Scribes
Number of Leaves
iv + 133 + iv? fols. the first flyleaf is C18, the next 3 are C15. The first 3 flyleaves at the rear of the manuscript have been prepared for text as per fols 1-133, and are thus part of a final quire of 8, pre-prepared for copying.
1 column; 24 lines; frames and lines, prob. in ink; prickings visible e.g on fol. 11.
175mm x 117.5 mm, according to librarian's description.
Materials and writing support
Writing Space
117mm x 72 mm
Fol. 1r: Simply wrought bar border in pen, extending to upper and lower margins, and half-way down the right margin, prob. in red and blue, with further pen flourishes.
Fol. 1: two-line initial at beginning of heading and five-line initial at beginning of prologue, infilled, red on blue background, both integrated with simple border design; generally 2 or 3-line caps, infilled, red on blue background, with small pen-work flourishes into margin.
Chapter headings in red, not numbered, sometimes with spiral line markers in red or blue; paraphs in text in red or blue; running titles and side notes supplied in C15 in Latin and English (poss. scribal?).
Latin and English annotation, C15-C16; see long description.
Marginalia erased in various places; see long description.
Various names, memos and notes, particularly in the flyleaves of the MS.; see long description.
Style of hand
C15 anglicana with secretary infuence; double-compartment ‘a’, secretary ‘d’.
Approximate date of hand
According to M.B. Parkes, 3rd quarter C15.
Described by (in order of investigator)
Original long description by Jason O'Rourke revised by Ryan Perry.
Further information in the wiki?
Long Description.

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Date of Description
2004; Jan 2006.
Credits and Sources
The description of this MS is based on microfilm work by J O’R, supplemented by a typed MS cover slip (on microfilm); Digital Scriptorium Textual descent based on Matheson, PB. Revised by Ryan Perry.