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London, British Library MS. Harley 2256

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Codicological Data

Begins on fol. 1, 'Here may a man here and knowe how England was furste callud Albyon and thorugh whom hit hadde his firste name as 3e schull fynde in this boke with many othir thyngis'.
Matheson Version
CV-1430 JP: A
Matheson Number
Pages in Mathson, The Prose Brut
Date of production
Poss. 2nd quarter C15
References in LALME
No entry in LALME
Items in the MS
    Brut Chronicle, fols. 1r-202v, with John Page's poem The Siege of Rouen fols 189r-193v.
Related Manuscripts
Number of Scribes
Number of Leaves
i (?) + 206 fols. + i(?); the first of the front flyleaves is prob. modern paper; 1*-203 and 2*-204 are bifolia which wrap the Brut; although they are C15, and were prob. added early in the lifetime of the manuscript, they may not be original to the production; fols. 2* and 204v may have been pastedowns; the back flyleaf is prob. mod. paper.
1 column except John Page’s Poem (fols. 189r-193v) in double columns, 30 lines, frames and lines poss. in ink.
270mm x 205mm approx.
Materials and writing support
    Paper and parchment; outer bifolia of quires appear to be parchment, with the inner bifolia comprised of paper (quarto).
Writing Space
205mm x 150mm approx.
    prays with buds, trumpet shaped flowers, (gold?) balls, in feathering design extend most of the way along the upper margin and 3/4 the length of the left hand margin; they extend from a square, foliate, 4-line initial 'I'.
  • Fol. 1r: 4-line solid capital on background with foliage along 3/4 of top and inner margin, prob. in colours
  • Generally 2-line solid capitals, prob. in blue with pen-work flourishing into margin and infilling, prob. in red.
  • Chapter headings with line markers in various styles, prob. in red; proper names and dates underlined, prob. in red; occasional side notes (poss. added in C16); catchwords rubricated in half-boxes; John Page’s Poem (fols. 189r-193v) set out as verse with couplet markers in double columns.
See Long Description.
See Long Description.
See Long Description.
Style of hand
    Mainly anglicana forms with influence of secretary, not a particularly calligraphic execution, with pointed feet on minums and backwards 'e'.
Approximate date of hand
Poss. 2nd quarter-C15
Described by (in order of investigator)
Ryan Perry; Jason O'Rourke
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Long Description.

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Date of Description
Uncertain date for original description by JO'R; updated March 2006.
Credits and Sources
Described from microfilm witth reference to Long Description and MathesonPB.