BL Harley MS. 753 and Lambeth Palace MS. 331: Textual Anomaly

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There is an interesting textual addition in both BL Harley MS. 753 and Lambeth Palace MS. 331. The passage comes after the account of Oldcastle’s execution and before the beginning of the 1418 siege of Rouen, between Brie, 386:29 and 387:1.  The text is transcribed below from BL Harley MS. 753:


And so [th]e same yere on seynt petres day and poule in [th]e moneth of juyn the erle of huntyngdon wt o[th]er  lords wt all her retenew of men of Armes and archers faught wt ix Carrykks of Gene [th]e grettyst [th]at my3t be sene in [th]e costs of Normandye  And [th]er [th]ey scomfyted hem  And of whom thanked be god [th]ey toke iiij grete carrykks and her patrons  And all her stuffe man and goode  And her chyef Amyrale were called [th]e bastard of Burborn wt all [th]e tresorye [th]at [th]ey shulde haue had for wages for a quarter of a yere / And [th]e o[th]er carrykks fledde her wey and durst not a byde / And in [th]e .v. yere of kyng harry [th]e thanked be god [th]e grete genrall counsel was endyd and an vnyon made in holy chirch [th]urgh all cristendom.  And a pope chosen by by [sic] all [th]e hole clergye at constannce vpon seynt Seynt [sic] Martyns day Bysshop and confessour  And by comyne assent of all [th]e clergye [th]at were [th]er ate [th]at tyme called hym Martinus quintus / And also [th]e same yere [th]e Dolphyn of ffraunce sent after [th]e duke of Burgoyne to whom as men seyn not fully vii dayes aforne he was sworen on godds body sacred to be good and trewe togedres and forto come and speke wt hym beside parys in [th]e towne of Monstrux wt certeyn prisoners vnder [th]e dolphins saaf condite / And whan he was come [th]yder not wt stondyng hys saaf condite and his grete oth made [th]at was bytwene hem bothe / [th]e Vyscounte of Aarbone as [th]e duke knelyd byfore [th]e dolphyn in a chambre he smote hym wt an axe on [th]e hede  And so [th]e fals dolphyn and hys counsel falsly and vntronly and ayenst al manner of lawe of Armes murdred [th]e forseyd duke and made [th]er an ende of hym.

Fols 171r-v, (cf. Brie, 424:25-35 [this section of text also occurs in the manuscripts]).
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