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Production Practicalities:

checked against ms.

  • Pressmark / Name of  Book: Bodl. MS Rawl. B.166.
  • Matheson no. 31
  • Date: C15
  • Type of book: Brut chronicle
  • Manuscript or print?: MS
  • Writing support: Paper or parchment?: parchment (plus paper flyleaves, 7 at beginning of ms, 6 at end).
  • Watermark?:
  • Collation:
    • No of leaves: 131
    • Quires: i11(wants 1, small stub after fol. 2)-xi12.
    • Foliation: foliated on every fifth leaf in modern pencil, top right corner, flyleaves not foliated
    • Booklets?: no
    • Catchwords? (on which fols?): 11v; 23v; 35v; 47v; 59v; 71v; 83v; 95v;  107v; 119v; 131v. MS ends with a catchword at end of quire; text incomplete.
    • Quire signatures? (where?): 18r-22r v-i; 30r-34r, v-i; 42r-46r, v-i; 54r-58r, v-i; 66r-70r, v-i; 78r-82r, v-i; 91r-95r, v-i (some faint); 101r-107r, v-i; 114r-118r, v-i; 126r-131r, vi-i.
    • Damage?: first and last fols. stained or grubby; text incomplete at beginning and end; front cover loose; fol. 1 worm holes; fol. 10 approx 1/3 of leaf torn away at right side; fols. 95-100, bottom right corner missing (about ¼ of the leaf: chewed by mice?); 108v ink stain? Bottom margin; fols. 127-131 burn hole in leaves.

    • No of items: 1
    • Page layout:

    a. ruling: frames ruled in drypoint, also in ink (e.g. fol. 18v) poss. inked in later: ruling appears to break to allow for descenders of last line.
    b. columns: 1
    c. lines: variable: 31-35.

    • Ink:
    • Size, binding: outer cover: 120 x 213 mm; fol.: 134 x 204 mm; writing space: 109 x 113 mm; binding C17 brown leather over cardboard, tooled with floral design along spine sides, double border along other sides, spine tooled in gold floral pattern and labelled ‘166’; ‘chronicle of brittain to the 14 year of kg Edward the 3d’
    • Decoration?:
    • Artist?:
    • No. of Scribes: 1
    • Hand date; style; version; holograph, autograph?: C15 Anglicana with secretary influence
    • Rubrication, sigla: two-line caps in red ink, chapters indicated by series of slashes in red (or red and brown) ink which complete the line of text (e.g ‘Howe the king … the fader Guentolyn \\\\\\\\’); occasional paraph marks beside text; sigla (sometimes accompanied by ‘nota’) at chapter headings e.g. fol. 111v; catchwords rubricated in red ink; quire signatures (except fol. 30r ‘v’ in brown ink), occasional ascenders of first lines (e.g. fol. 1v) and strikethroughs in red ink;
    • Contents: Brut chronicle, fols. 1r-131v.

    Production Culture:

    • Biobibliographical information: marginalia, glosses, signatures, compiler/ scribe / owner / authorial identification:
      • Flyleaf: ‘a.4.5.’ modern brown ink; ‘(11535)’ modern black ink; ‘B Rawl 166’ modern black ink circled in pencil; ‘His. Ang. 30’ modern black ink circled in pencil; ‘9 H. 16’ modern black ink circled in pencil;  ‘MS. Rawl. B.166’ modern pencil.
      • Second flyleaf: ‘caxton’s chron’ modern black ink.
      • 1r: ‘vt’ crossed through, C16?; ‘this is ye 14th chapter ye rest is wanting’ C18-19?; ‘C21’ modern ink.
      • 2v: ‘[trimmed] (C?)orona aurea’ C15-16? Next to chapter heading xx (see Brie, p. 23), scribal.
      • 6r: ‘H’; ‘Elydur’ C15; above text concerning Hesider, chapter xxxi (see Brie, p. 30).
      • 6-7 and throughout, scribbles in pale purplish-brown ink.
      • 9v: Latin glosses [partially trimmed]next to text, chapter xliv (see Brie, p. 37). see Latin Glosses in Rawl. B.166 for the rest.
      • 22v: ‘christ’ next to text: ‘but Passent scaped [etc]’ (see Brie, p. 62).
      • 23r: drawing of  ?spider’s web.
      • 26r: ‘kyng arthur’ C15, poss. scribal
      • 30v: ‘?John ?Badon’ (?Badoat) in drypoint, C16.
      • 31v: ‘ghoost ly fader’ C16, black ink.
      • 34v: ‘? Thomas’, ‘t’.
      • 35r: ‘finis arthur’ next to chapter heading lxxxix (See Brie, p. 90; fol. 26r). blacker ink than text.
      • 39r: marginal ‘x’ next to text (chapter xcviii, see Brie, p. 98) ‘pope of rome’ (brie, ‘peple of rome) blacker ink than scribe A.
      • 40v: English glosses next to text, chapter ? Textual expansion on the death of Cadwalayn (See fol. 26r). C15-16, pale ink.
      • 41v: English glosses next to text, chapter ? Textual expansion on the death of Cadwalayn (See fol. 26r). C15-16 pale ink.
      • 47v-48r: hatching ink pale purplish-brown ink, same as 23r and border rulings. See also fols. 83v-84r, 107r, 124v, 125r.
      • 52v: ‘?lest it now to all men bytre p(reste?)’ C16.
      • 54v: text crossed / blotted out: ‘…seynt Thomas of canterbury’.
      • 59v: catchword duplicated by C16 hand, scribbles.
      • 64r: ‘Saynt Thomas of Canterbury [etc]’ crossed out.
      • 64v: ‘saynt’, ‘pope’ blotted out.
      • 65r: ‘martyr’ blotted out, ‘martirid’ blotted out and ‘killid’ inserted above the line.
      • 72r: ‘ ?Sir ?Sit…r(E?)’ C16-17; ‘?thed’ C15-16.
      • 73v: ‘and sham[e] hufyd [w. hefyd?]’ C15 secretary, next to text: ‘he did so moche harme [‘to god’ partially erased] and shame to god’ last two words inserted above strikethrough. (comp. Brie, p. 166-67, ‘for cause that he did so miche shame & vilony to god’ ), pale brown ink.
      • 84v: ‘and did all the disp’ gloss on last line of text, C15.
      • 85r: pen trials.
      • 86r: glosses in pale brown ink.
      • 89v: pen trials.
      • 90r: glosses in darker ink, same as scribe A.
      • 95v: ‘unymy … umZany’ C15, prob. pen trials.
      • 96v: pen trials.
      • 97r: top margin used by scribe to copy text for insertion, place for insertion marked with a cross.
      • 101r: pen trials (letter ‘r’).
      • 101v: ‘Thomas’; ‘th’; ‘Iohn’ (twice) all in same C 15-16 hand.
      • 102r: ‘teei? hynnde’ C16.
      • 103r: ‘Iohn’ C16.
      • 103v: ‘enymys’, scribal.
      • 104r: ‘lea’ C16.
      • 109r: pen trials (letter ‘h’).
      • 113r: pen trials (letters ‘h’ ‘f’).
      • 117: pen trials (letters ‘h’, ‘e’, ‘i’
      • 119r: ‘?munyrde’, ‘nnome’ C15.
      • 125v: ‘my men’ C15 see 119r.
      • 126v: ‘than Rain’, red-brown pencil.
      • 131v: ‘& chapter 226 12 E. 3’ modern ink. (Poss. ref to BL MS Royal 12 E. iii?, although this is not a Brut chronicle as Listed in Matheson).  

      • Dialect: Staffordshire.
      • LALME vol., page, LP, grid no.: I, 150; III, 457.

      Intertextual relations:

      • Textual descent: Matheson ‘Common Version’, group CV-1419[men]:A. See Matheson, PB, p. 102. Corresponds textually to Egerton 650, same textual type as Penn. State MS V-3A, and Bodl. MS Rawl. B 173.
      • Extra-textual to other books, texts, traditions: note at end links this ms to Royal MS 12 E. iii, De Proprietatibus Rerum: a portion of the work of
        the Franciscan Bartholomaeus Anglicus.
      • Decoration:
      • Translation, language:

      Credits and acknowledgments:

      The description of this MS is largely based on microfilm work by J O’R and partly on CCM. Textual descent based on Matheson, PB. Revisions by Ryan Perry

      Select Bibliography for this MS:



      BL MS Egerton 650
      BL MS Royal 12 E. iii

      Bodl. MS Rawlinson B. 173


      University Park, Pennsylvania State University Library
      PSL MS V-3A

      Hain, Ludwig, Repertorium Bibliographicum, nos. 2498-2510 [for editions of Bartholomaeus Anglicus, De Proprietatibus Rerum].

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