Lambeth Palace MS. 738: Transcription of fol. 231

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  • On fol. 231 of the manuscript, is the following account of wheat deliveries in English by a merchant or carter.

    Whet delyuered as folowith

    Item to cos […]
    [Line struck through]

    + Item thomas don ij peks -------- xij es
    + jenet more on pek -----vj es
    + donougth Amelon on pek ----- v[j] es
    + denys acollyn ij peks ----------- xij es
    syr steuyn contrelle~ [controller] ij peks ------- xij es
    + norton ij peks -------xij es
    + to Robert Smythe j pek -------vj es
     harry mak(ir?)at(er?) ij peks ------xij es
    + Thomas (P?)etyng  ij peks --- xij es
     ?Kest ?Kyan merchant on pek ---vj es
    donoth ij peks whet ----- x es
    Catryn --- ij peks -------x es

    S iiijth vij es  done --- th iiij es
    that mary lady helpe me

                                          Helpe me Jhesu
    Item mony ----x th xviijth
    Item the harvest of my lord st~ sell. ~ xxth
    Item the pryer of liwith (lavith?) ---- xjth xjth
    The controllez[r] ------- iiijth xiiijes iiijes
    In catell ------- xith
              Sin~ [Simon?] iiijtt ijth



[Transcription by Jason O'Rourke].

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