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Investigative Apparatus

25-02-03 1. Production Practicalities: Checked against Microfilm

i. Pressmark / Name of Book: PSL MS PS. V-3A ii. Matheson no. 32 iii. Date: 1422? (Death of Henry V); 1450? iv. Type of book: Brut chronicle v. Manuscript or print?: MS vi. Writing support: Paper or parchment? parchment vii. Collation: a. No of leaves: 99 (error in PB giving 197 fols). b. Quires: 13 quires of 8 leaves; a8-n?8. leaves 4-8 missing, probably originally blank, since the text ends on fol. 99. Large blank space at end of text. c. Foliation: modern, pencil in inner corner of lower margin, correct until fol. 55, which is numbered 54. After this the foliation is out by 1. Refoliated in pencil upper right margin, Sept. 2nd 2000. d. Booklets?: e. Catchwords? yes (8v; 16v; 24v; 32v; 40v; 48v; 56v; 64v; 72v; 80v; 88v; 96v) f. Quire signatures? yes; lower right corner; fols. 4 (a iiij); 12 (b iv); 17-19 (c i-iii); 27 (d iii); 28 (d iiij); 33 (e i); 34 (e ii); 36 (e iiij); 41 (f i?); 42 (f ii); 43 (f iii); 44 (f iiij) 48? 50 (g ii?); 51 (g iii); 52 (g iiij); 57 (h i); 58 (h ii); 59 (h iii); 60 (h iiii); 65 (I i); 66 (I ii); 67 (I iii); 68 (I iiij); 73 (k i); 74 (k ii); 75 (k iii); 76 (k iiij); 81 (L i); 82 (L ii); 83 (L iii); 89 (m i); 91 (m iii); 97 (n i); 99 (n iii). g. Damage?: small holes fol. 66, some damage at outer lower edges of leaves. First leaf is very badly worn, suggesting that the MS laid unbound for a considerable time.

viii. No of items: 1 ix. Page layout: a. ruling: frame and line rulings in text ink, with the top and second lines frequently carried out to the edge of the leaf, prickings occasionally visible esp. fols 97-99. b. columns: 1 c. lines: 40 per page. x. Ink: brown. xi. Size, binding: 300 x 215 mm; writing space 227 x 165 mm; binding C19 or early C20, brown leather over cardboard. Spine lining revealed, see heading 2.iii. Title in gold on spine: CRONYCLE OF ENGLAND TO THE DEATH OF HENRY V MS. xii. Decoration? Full floral border (badly worn) in pink, blue, green and gold leaf, with a coat of arms (now illegible) on fol. 1r. xiii. No. of Scribes: 1 xiv. Hand date; style; version; holograph, autograph? Anglicana book hand; 2-compartment a; slant-backed d, otherwise looped ascenders; open e; f and s descending below the line; 8-shaped g with slightly larger upper lobe, and a serif to the right of the upper lobe; short r; rounded s open at the top and slightly larger than other letters initially and finally, but long s medially; angular; dotted y. final letters often have hairline finials. The duct is upright, but the descenders of þ and p slant to the right. The common mark of abbreviation is curved, with a medial dot. Other abbreviations are rare, apart from þat (þt), sir (long s with a loop) and with (wt). the only punctuation mark is the periodus at the end of sentences and clauses. xv. Rubrication, sigla: Blue initials flourished in red alternate with red with gold initials flourished in brownish purple. Chapter headings in red, with blue paraphs for chapter headings and scribal notae, which. Alternate red and blue paraphs at the beginnings of sentences. xvi. Contents: Brut chronicle, fols. 1-99.

2. Production Culture:

i. Biobibliographical information: marginalia, glosses, signatures, compiler/ scribe / owner / authorial identification occasional marginal corrections by scribe, e.g. fols. 14r, 46v, 83v. Notes of content or glosses on words in a variety of C16 and C17 hands throughout MS detailed below. a. Binding leaf: list of names: The Right rev. T. F. Middleton, D.d. F.R.S. Lord Bishop of Calcutta. George Gordon Byron, Lord Byron. Warren Hastings ESQ. John Ferriar, M. D. John Home, Esq. James Northcote, Esq., RA. b. Fol. 5: top, ‘Edward II’ in modern pencil (cannot see on microfilm) (see fols. 88v, 93r, 95, 99). c. Fol. 7v: r/h margin, illegible, perhaps partially erased. d. Fol. 10r-v: ‘king?… rex in anglia’; erased records of the births of children to John Shirley (1535-70) of Staunton Harold and Rakedale, Leics. (see fol. 11). e. Fol 11r: ‘Anno 1569…’. erased records of the births of children to John Shirley (1535-70) of Staunton Harold and Rakedale, Leics. (see fol. 10). f. Fol. 13r: initials? ‘Ha?s?’ g. Fol. 17v: ‘ A?risb?ia the dettyr of Amalam? h. Fol. 18r: ‘kan’ glossed as ‘know’. i. Fol. 18v: glosses, C17? j. Fol. 27r: gloss ‘Magna mor… h…s g- vmig… first? in i-a’. k. Fol. 27v: gloss on 1st line of text. l. Fol. 30r: gloss. m. Fol. 36r: partial erasure of textual reference to Thomas á Becket n. Fol. 41r: glosses. o. Fol. 44r: gloss. p. Fol. 46v: gloss. q. Fol. 47r: gloss. r. Fol. 47v: gloss. s. Fol. 48r: gloss? t. Fol. 55v: gloss: ‘magna famet in Anglia’ (see 27r) u. Fol. 56v: gloss. v. Fol. 59v: gloss. w. Fol. 64v: gloss. x. Fol. 65r: gloss y. Fols. 72v and 73, 82r, 86r-88: ‘pope’ erased. z. Fol. 74r: gloss? aa. Fol. 81v: gloss? bb. Fol. 82r: gloss on 1st line of text. From fol. 82 onwards, most of the glosses are in a small, neat cursive hand, mid-late C15. cc. Fol. 83r: gloss. dd. Fol. 83v: gloss. ee. Fol. 85v: gloss: ‘Magna fame t? …’ ff. Fol. 86v: gloss. gg. Fol. 88v: gloss?; ‘blackheath’ in margin, modern pencil (see fols. 5, 93r, 95, 99). hh. Fol. 90: gloss. ii. Fol. 91v: gloss (some text lost to trimming): ‘m?rrthy- (masthyr?) bagote scr…es Sir s?ynd …ned yngland …e mykill …’ jj. Fol. 93r: ‘Navy’ in modern pencil (see fols. 5, 88v, 95, 99). kk. Fol. 95: ‘Agincourt’ in modern pencil (see fols. 5, 88v, 93r, 99). ll. Fol. 99: ‘Aug 31, 1422’ [death of Henry V] in modern pencil (see fols. 5, 88v, 93r, 95,).

ii. Hand, rubrication in other MSS? This MS probably originally also contained the Prophecies of Merlin, which is now PS-MS-Vault-Merlin; quire signatures in the Brut run from a-n, MS Vault-Merlin is signed as quire p. iii. Dialect: poss. Northamptonshire, but with ‘markedly central W. Midland elements’ (LALME, I:154). Dialect of commentary in PS V-3 ‘Merlin MS.’, (possibly a fragment detatched from this MS., or from a MS. ‘from the same scriptorium’ ) is Northamptonshire (LALME III:370). iv. LALME vol. no; page no; LP; grid no: I: 154 and III: 370. v. Locality: region; household (secular/religious) urban / rural: Northamptonshire / central W. Midlands; rural?

3. Reception Cultures / communities:

i. Owner(s): C16: John Shirley (prob.); C20: Sherwood Hale of Alderley, Woton-under-Edge, Glos. (bookplate on front flyleaf). Possibly owned by Hale family since the time of Justice Sir Matthew Hale (1609-76). A copy of the Guildhall portrait of Sir Matthew is on the front flyleaf. a. Gender(s): male b. Occupation(s): JP. ii. Reading networks: Hale family iii. Affiliations: (geo-)political, institutional etc: iv. Locality: region; household (secular/religious): Originally (C15) Northamptonshire / central W. Midlands, C16 Leicestershire (poss); C16 (prob) – C20 (definite) Gloucestershire, W. Midlands. v. Language: English vi. Reading contexts: gendered, institutional, political, secular / religious: The word ‘pope’ erased from fols. 72 onward, indicates a religious context. Erasure of coat of arms from fol. 1r possibly political, possibly simply a mark of ownership, yet alternative arms not supplied. Erasure of Shirley names interesting. Erasure programme by a single person or by many?

4. Intertextual relations:

i. Textual descent: Matheson ‘Common Version’, group CV-1419[men]: A. The text as a whole is based on the type of BL MS Egerton 650 and Bodl. MS Rawlinson B. 173. See Matheson, PB, pp. 102-4. ii. Evidence of exemplar: PSL MS V-3A ‘must have been copied from a manuscript that was closely related to BL [MS] Egerton 650, since it contains an adaptation of the London Chronicle material found as a continuation in that manuscript’ (PB, 104). iii. Intra-textual relations to texts in same MS: iv. Extra-textual to other books, texts, traditions: probably originally linked to the Prophecies of Merlin if PSL MS Vault-Merlin can be proved to have originally been part of the same codex. This would seem likely, since the Brut commentary refers to Merlin, and the quire signatures would follow, the Brut ending on ‘Niij’ and Merlin beginning on ‘p’. The hand of Merlin is described by Matheson as ‘very similar’ to that of the Brut, ‘possibly from the same scriptorium’ (PB, 103).

5. Credits and acknowledgments:

The description of this MS is largely based on Penn State Library manuscripts and archives workform provided by Sandra Stelts and on microfilm work by JO’R. Textual descent based on Matheson, PB. Revised by Ryan Perry.

6. Select Bibliography for this MS



London BL MS Egerton 650

Oxford Bodl. MS Rawlinson B.166 Bodl. MS Rawlinson B.173


University Park, Pennsylvania State University Library

PSL MS. V-3A PSL MS Vault-Merlin [quire p of PSL MS V-3A]


The Prophetia Merlini of Geoffrey of Monmouth: a Fifteenth-Century English Commentary, ed. by Caroline D. Eckhardt, Speculum Anniversary Mono¬graphs 8 (Cambridge, Mass.: Medieval Academy of America, 1982).

Secondary Texts:

Harris, Kate, ‘The Origins and Make-Up of Cambridge University Library MS. Ff1.6’, Transactions of the Cambridge Bibliographical Society, 8 (1983), 299-333, p. 306 and n. 47.

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