Bodl Rawlinson B 173 fol 228r

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(Transcription of material in Bodl. Rawl. MS. B.173 (228r))
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Rawl. B.173 fol. 228:

In Ewyas Lacy

– in homage apon ?Reverend Constable half an ox – It on the land of William ap res gutta for Craswalle – an ox – It on ?drei Bydevare – an ox ?witness hawell ap Richard ap gwilym most pay for his parts viij g – Item on ?sent ?Margarette on Eweas an ox and an half – It on drei Vorthig – an ox – It on Reese ap Jonn[etc] lloyd for the lond of ?tafwonneds – an ox – It on hary ap john ap henry & richard ap Philip dd (dafydd?) ap john – an ox – It on drei ?Skalayn – an ox – It on adam hunte ad land – an ox

(nota?) that jankin ap Richards lands ought not to pay nothing for the harneld

(nota?) of the fowndation of the monastery of Dore and of the ffonders therof - fyrst Sir Robert Eweas lord of Eweas harald gaue the land of black barbis halle to the said monastery with all the land from aparte of the monastery downward to long ?more mende (yende?) with the fforlonge as the hegge gothe to the heline whiche ys called the heline ffurlong no more - also blanck barbis halle strecheth vpward no th ffarther than to K[etc]fs mende of the (?chmthe) of the monastery - also Cythberte lacy lord of Barton gave from the (?hye ) of the monastery of dore all the londe to holyn breke whiche bruk ys be twixt the lond of dore and bacton

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