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(Long Description of Bodleian Library, Rawlinson MS. B.166)
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Investigative Apparatus

24-02-03 1. Production Practicalities: checked against ms.

i. Pressmark / Name of Book: Bodl. MS Rawl. B.166. ii. Matheson no. 31 iii. Date: C15 iv. Type of book: Brut chronicle v. Manuscript or print?: MS vi. Writing support: Paper or parchment?: parchment (plus paper flyleaves, 7 at beginning of ms, 6 at end). vii. Watermark?: viii. Collation: a. No of leaves: 131 b. Quires: i11(wants 1, small stub after fol. 2)-xi12. c. Foliation: foliated on every fifth leaf in modern pencil, top right corner, flyleaves not foliated d. Booklets?: no e. Catchwords? (on which fols?): 11v; 23v; 35v; 47v; 59v; 71v; 83v; 95v; 107v; 119v; 131v. MS ends with a catchword at end of quire; text incomplete. f. Quire signatures? (where?): 18r-22r v-i; 30r-34r, v-i; 42r-46r, v-i; 54r-58r, v-i; 66r-70r, v-i; 78r-82r, v-i; 91r-95r, v-i (some faint); 101r-107r, v-i; 114r-118r, v-i; 126r-131r, vi-i. g. Damage?: first and last fols. stained or grubby; text incomplete at beginning and end; front cover loose; fol. 1 worm holes; fol. 10 approx 1/3 of leaf torn away at right side; fols. 95-100, bottom right corner missing (about ¼ of the leaf: chewed by mice?); 108v ink stain? Bottom margin; fols. 127-131 burn hole in leaves.

ix. No of items: 1 x. Page layout: a. ruling: frames ruled in drypoint, also in ink (e.g. fol. 18v) poss. inked in later: ruling appears to break to allow for descenders of last line. b. columns: 1 c. lines: variable: 31-35. xi. Ink: xii. Size, binding: outer cover: 120 x 213 mm; fol.: 134 x 204 mm; writing space: 109 x 113 mm; binding C17 brown leather over cardboard, tooled with floral design along spine sides, double border along other sides, spine tooled in gold floral pattern and labelled ‘166’; ‘chronicle of brittain to the 14 year of kg Edward the 3d’ xiii. Decoration?: xiv. Artist?: xv. No. of Scribes: 1 xvi. Hand date; style; version; holograph, autograph?: C15 Anglicana with secretary influence xvii. Rubrication, sigla: two-line caps in red ink, chapters indicated by series of slashes in red (or red and brown) ink which complete the line of text (e.g ‘Howe the king … the fader Guentolyn \\\\\\\\’); occasional paraph marks beside text; sigla (sometimes accompanied by ‘nota’) at chapter headings e.g. fol. 111v; catchwords rubricated in red ink; quire signatures (except fol. 30r ‘v’ in brown ink), occasional ascenders of first lines (e.g. fol. 1v) and strikethroughs in red ink; xviii. Contents: Brut chronicle, fols. 1r-131v.

2. Production Culture:

i. Biobibliographical information: marginalia, glosses, signatures, compiler/ scribe / owner / authorial identification: a. Flyleaf: ‘a.4.5.’ modern brown ink; ‘(11535)’ modern black ink; ‘B Rawl 166’ modern black ink circled in pencil; ‘His. Ang. 30’ modern black ink circled in pencil; ‘9 H. 16’ modern black ink circled in pencil; ‘MS. Rawl. B.166’ modern pencil. b. Second flyleaf: ‘caxton’s chron’ modern black ink. c. 1r: ‘vt’ crossed through, C16?; ‘this is ye 14th chapter ye rest is wanting’ C18-19?; ‘C21’ modern ink. d. 2v: ‘[trimmed] (C?)orona aurea’ C15-16? Next to chapter heading xx (see Brie, p. 23), scribal. e. 6r: ‘H’; ‘Elydur’ C15; above text concerning Hesider, chapter xxxi (see Brie, p. 30). f. 6-7 and throughout, scribbles in pale purplish-brown ink. g. 9v: Latin glosses [partially trimmed]next to text, chapter xliv (see Brie, p. 37). see Latin Glosses in Rawl. B.166 for the rest. h. 22v: ‘christ’ next to text: ‘but Passent scaped [etc]’ (see Brie, p. 62). i. 23r: drawing of ?spider’s web. j. 26r: ‘kyng arthur’ C15, poss. scribal k. 30v: ‘?John ?Badon’ (?Badoat) in drypoint, C16. l. 31v: ‘ghoost ly fader’ C16, black ink. m. 34v: ‘? Thomas’, ‘t’. n. 35r: ‘finis arthur’ next to chapter heading lxxxix (See Brie, p. 90; fol. 26r). blacker ink than text. o. 39r: marginal ‘x’ next to text (chapter xcviii, see Brie, p. 98) ‘pope of rome’ (brie, ‘peple of rome) blacker ink than scribe A. p. 40v: English glosses next to text, chapter ? Textual expansion on the death of Cadwalayn (See fol. 26r). C15-16, pale ink. q. 41v: English glosses next to text, chapter ? Textual expansion on the death of Cadwalayn (See fol. 26r). C15-16 pale ink. r. 47v-48r: hatching ink pale purplish-brown ink, same as 23r and border rulings. See also fols. 83v-84r, 107r, 124v, 125r. s. 52v: ‘?lest it now to all men bytre p(reste?)’ C16. t. 54v: text crossed / blotted out: ‘…seynt Thomas of canterbury’. u. 59v: catchword duplicated by C16 hand, scribbles. v. 64r: ‘Saynt Thomas of Canterbury [etc]’ crossed out. w. 64v: ‘saynt’, ‘pope’ blotted out. x. 65r: ‘martyr’ blotted out, ‘martirid’ blotted out and ‘killid’ inserted above the line. y. 72r: ‘ ?Sir ?Sit…r(E?)’ C16-17; ‘?thed’ C15-16. z. 73v: ‘and sham[e] hufyd [w. hefyd?]’ C15 secretary, next to text: ‘he did so moche harme [‘to god’ partially erased] and shame to god’ last two words inserted above strikethrough. (comp. Brie, p. 166-67, ‘for cause that he did so miche shame & vilony to god’ ), pale brown ink. aa. 84v: ‘and did all the disp’ gloss on last line of text, C15. bb. 85r: pen trials. cc. 86r: glosses in pale brown ink. dd. 89v: pen trials. ee. 90r: glosses in darker ink, same as scribe A. ff. 95v: ‘unymy … umZany’ C15, prob. pen trials. gg. 96v: pen trials. hh. 97r: top margin used by scribe to copy text for insertion, place for insertion marked with a cross. ii. 101r: pen trials (letter ‘r’). jj. 101v: ‘Thomas’; ‘th’; ‘Iohn’ (twice) all in same C 15-16 hand. kk. 102r: ‘teei? hynnde’ C16. ll. 103r: ‘Iohn’ C16. mm. 103v: ‘enymys’, scribal. nn. 104r: ‘lea’ C16. oo. 109r: pen trials (letter ‘h’). pp. 113r: pen trials (letters ‘h’ ‘f’). qq. 117: pen trials (letters ‘h’, ‘e’, ‘i’ rr. 119r: ‘?munyrde’, ‘nnome’ C15. ss. 125v: ‘my men’ C15 see 119r. tt. 126v: ‘than Rain’, red-brown pencil. uu. 131v: ‘& chapter 226 12 E. 3’ modern ink. (Poss. ref to BL MS Royal 12 E. iii?, although this is not a Brut chronicle as Listed in Matheson).

ii. Dialect: Staffordshire. iii. LALME vol., page, LP, grid no.: I, 150; III, 457.

3. Intertextual relations:

i. Textual descent: Matheson ‘Common Version’, group CV-1419[men]:A. See Matheson, PB, p. 102. Corresponds textually to Egerton 650, same textual type as Penn. State MS V-3A, and Bodl. MS Rawl. B 173. ii. Extra-textual to other books, texts, traditions: note at end links this ms to Royal MS 12 E. iii, De Proprietatibus Rerum: a portion of the work of the Franciscan Bartholomaeus Anglicus. iii. Decoration: iv. Translation, language:

4. Credits and acknowledgments:

The description of this MS is largely based on microfilm work by J O’R and partly on CCM. Textual descent based on Matheson, PB.

5. Select Bibliography for this MS



London BL MS Egerton 650 BL MS Royal 12 E. iii

Oxford Bodl. MS Rawlinson B. 173


University Park, Pennsylvania State University Library PSL MS V-3A

Hain, Ludwig, Repertorium Bibliographicum, nos. 2498-2510 [for editions of Bartholomaeus Anglicus, De Proprietatibus Rerum].

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