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Manuscript Identity

Here may a man here how Engelond was first called Albyon and afterwarde whan it hadde first the name

Matheson Number:

Matheson Version:
CV-1419 [Leyle]; CV-1461 (scribe D)

Matheson discusses the MS on pages:
129; 161

Proposed date of MS production:
15th Century, poss. second quarter (except scribe D, late 15th-early 16th Century)

LALME reference (where provided):
I: 88; III: 131-2.

Dialects evident in the MS:
Scribe A: Northwest Essex; Scribe B: Central-South Essex; Scribe C: South-East Suffolk, poss. in vicinity of Ipswich. (See Matheson, 'Parallel Edition,' 1: 227-40.)

Possible locations for the MS production/ reception:
Scribal dialects link ms. with Essex and Suffolk. Arms incorporated into border on fol. 1 indicate the ms. was prob. owned by the Wauton family of Great Staughton, Huntingdonshire. A possible owner, Sir Thomas Wauton (Waweton), was frequently an M.P. for Huntingdonshire and Bedfordshire and was also a sheriff of Buckinghamshire. The ms. has a 19th Century bookplate of the Hunterian Library marked 'R.3.14', 'T.3.12', and 'MS. Hunter 74'.

Items in the MS:

Contents of the MS:
_Brut_ Chronicle, fols 1-92v (Scribes A and B); fols 92v-113r (scribe C) prob. represents the completion of the text to 1419 using a new exemplar, a CV-1419[men]; 113r-114v (scribe D) is a later continuation taken from a CV-1461 exemplar.

Languages used in the MS
One prob. scribal annotation, 'Stella Comata', fol. 96v.

Evidence of Exemplar?
Like the other members of the ‘Leyle’ group, the part of this manuscript completed by scribes A and B was prob. copied from an exemplar which only contained an account to 1355, ending ‘(th)e King hastyd hyn to (th)e seege warde.’ (Brie 306: 29) Scribe C's stint (fols 92v-113r) prob. represents the completion of the text to 1419 using a new exemplar, a CV-1419[men]; 113r-114v (scribe D) is a later continuation taken from a CV-1461 exemplar.

Institutional Associations?
(E.g., household, religious house, library, private collection, etc.)
University of Glasgow.

Suspected Association?
Prob. in collection of the Wauton family of Great Staughton, Huntingdonshire, and may have been made for this family although A.I. Doyle was of the opinion that the Wauton arms were added to a blank shield in the 16th C.; Lister Matheson maintains the possibility that the ms. may have been produced for the Wautons.

Related Manuscripts
(biobibliographically, textually, stemmatically and so on)


Manuscript Construction

<p>Number of Scribes:


i+116+i (flyleaves modern vellum).

i-xi8; xii4; xiii-xv8.

Any blank leaves?
Other than flyleaves, fols 115r-116v (although all sides have been ruled [frames and lines]).

Top right corner in arabic, every recto side.

New quires were prob. added to facilitate scribe C's stint.

Only the first catchword visible on quire 1 (fol. 8v); presumably others have been trimmed.

Quire Signatures:
Almost entirely cropped until fol. 93r when scribe C begins his stint. Signatures visible on fols, 65r 'I'?; 82r 'ii'?; 83r 'iii'?; 93r 'ai'; 94r 'aii'; 95r 'aiii'; 96r 'aiiii'; 101r 'b' (partially cropped); 110r 'cii'(partially cropped); 112r 'ciiii'.

Good condition apart from darkening on fol. 1 and at the corners of many leaves.

2 columns throughout; scribes A and B, fols 1-92v, frames often visible, but unable to discern lines or pricking, 38-47 lines per column. Scribe C, frames, lines and pricking all often visible, 42-51 lines per column. Scribe D, (quire prob. pre-pricked and ruled as part of scribe C's final quire), approx. 44 lines per column.

Page Dimension and Materials:
Approx. 300 x 200mm; Vellum

Writing Space:
Approx. 235mm x 165mm


Note by binder on inside of back board (ref: DC 3698). 'T.3.12 Chronicles of England. (Brut). Condition when received: Binding: Brown diced calf over millboards, wide gold roll round boards with three line gold fillet. Tooled spine, green lettering label. Leather through at corners of boards and broken on joints, rotten and damaged on spine. Book sewn on six thongs, sewing broken. Vellum of manuscript in good condition, marbled paper ends. Book taken down, mended and re-sewn on six raised cords to old marking up with loose handmade paper guards round the back of each section. New single vellum flyleaf at each end, leather joints, old boards repaired and replaced...spine covered with brown morocco, remains of old spine relaced. D.C. & son, January 1958.'


Decoration and Rubrication


Tentative, from darkened image on microfilm; Full bar border with roundels on three corners (left lower, right upper and lower); sprays of feathering with buds and poss. holly and kidney-shaped leaves. Feathering flourish of buds with trefoil vine leaf terminals extends from both upper and lower border along the centre margin between columns of text. The terminal vine leaves of these flourishes are separated by approx. 8 lines; decoration on lower border incorporates an armorial: 'a shield (argent), a chevron (sable), & an anulet (sable) in chief, dexter canton'. (Matheson, _PB_, 129)

Fols 1r-92v, (Scribes A and B); fol. 1r, 3-line gold capital with colours, set into border; other than a three line initial in fol. 2r, subesequent initials are 2-line, prob. blue, infilled, with prob. red pen spraywork. Fols 93r-113v,(Scribe C); fol. 93r, 4-line initial, prob. blue, infilled, with prob. red pen spraywork; subsequent initials are 3-line, with markedly longer penwork flourishes than in the 1-92v portion of the ms.; Fol. 113r-114v, (scribe D); 2-line initials without flourishing.

Three sketches of a head with unusual hat on fol. 116v (one in red ink.)


Scribe A: Chapter headings (poss. in colour) occasionally with a paraph, set in text with script more generously spaced than the standard text; chapter numbers sometimes missing, usually set in text (sometimes with and sometimes without a paraph) or occur in margin with a paraph. Paraphs also mark subdivisions in text (paraphs prob. in red and blue ink). Scribe B: Chapter headings (poss. in colour); one heading with a paraph on fol. 12v, subsequently without; chapter numbers set in text, very occasionally with a paraph. Scribe C: Sometimes takes a new line to provide chapter heading, (poss. in colour); spaces left for headings in several places where there is no heading in Brie's edition, eg. fol. 94v and 101v (Brie, 313:8-9; 355:14-15). No chapter numbers provided other than with first heading; no use of paraphs. 96v (Brie, 320:33) 'Stella Comata' written in margin (poss. in red); 106r (Brie, 363:22), space left for the words 'Stella Comata' in text. Scribe D: spaces left for headings.


Marginalia and Annotation


There are numerous corrections to this manuscript, particularly the supplying of missing text in the margins; it is assumed these additions were scribal, poss. scribe C. If not scribal they evidence a reader with intimate experience of the _Brut_. Examples of these corrections occur on fols 49va, 78va, 93va, 100ra, 102r; 1. Fol. 103v: annotation relating to the muster of Richard II's adherents, (Brie, 353:20-4); 2. Fol. 104r: 'of (th)e de(th) of John of Gaunte', poss. 15th C.; 3. Fol. 106r: 'Stella Comata', poss. scribal; 4. Fol. 108r: several nota signs, (Brie, 370:12 - 371:10) poss. 15th C.

Evidence of erasures:
Other than a few prob. scribal erasures of superfluous words there are no erasures of note.

None of any note.

Graffiti (pen trials etc):
1. Fol. 39r: 'in the nam of god amen'; 'in the name'; 16th C. 2. Fol. 84r: 'mBJ'?, set beside a short S-chain design, prob. 16th C.; 'g confers(?) hyg(?)', prob. 16th C.; 3. Fol. 115v: 'In beginnynge god be mi...', poss. 16th C.; 4. 'herry is the eight by the grace of god', in red ink, prob. 16th C.; 5. 'A MAN', poss. 16th C.

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Acknowledgements and Credits

Secondary references
_A Catalogue of Manuscripts in the Library of the Hunterian Museum in the University of Glasgow; planned and begun by the late John Young_. Glasgow: J. Maclehose & sons, 1908. Brie, _The Brut_. Roisin Cress, -A Handlist of Manuscripts Containing English in the Hunterian Collection, Glasgow University.- Glasgow: Glasgow University Library, 2004. Matheson, _PB_. _ _ _, 'Parallel Edition'.

Associated MSS according to Matheson
CV-1419 (Leyle): Glasgow, University of Glasgow, MS. Hunterian 74; Oxford, Bodleian Library MS. Rawlinson B.196; London, Lambeth Palace Library MS. 259; London, British Library MS. Harley 4930.

Thanks to Prof. Lister Matheson for sharing some references and opinions on the Wauton arms.

Described by:
Ryan Perry

Date of description:

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