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Trivium 36

Friday, November 3rd, 2006

Scholars interested in the production and readership of the Middle English Prose Brut will be interested to hear about the publication of issue 36 of the annual Trivium. Edited by William Marx and Raluca Radulescu, the special issue of the annual is entitled “Readers and Writers of the Middle English Prose Brut” and includes the following essays:

Julia Marvin - Sources adn Analogues of the Anglo-Norman Prose Brut Chonicle: New Findings
Carole Weinberg - History and Chivalry in the Brut, 1333-1377
William Marx - Reception and revision in the Middle English Prose Brut
Amy Noelle Vines - ‘Thys is her owene boke’: Women Reading in the ME Prose Brut Chronicle
Tamar Drukker - I Read Therefore I Write: Readers’ Marginalia in Some Brut MSS
Elizabeth J. Bryan - Dialoguing Hands in MS Hatton 50: Reformation readers of the ME Prose Brut
Raluca Radulescu - Gentry Readers of the Brut and Genealogical Material
John Scattergood - ‘The Eyes of Memory’: the Function of the Illustrations in Dublin, TCD MS 505
Christy Desmet - Afterlives of the Prose Brut in Early Modern Chronicle and Literature

Congratulations to William and Raluca for this timely volume.

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