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August 7th, 2006

Gavin Cole/ Rylands MSS. descriptions

Many thanks to Gavin Cole who described several of the manuscripts in the John Rylands Library  for the project team (Eng. 103 and Eng. 206).  Gavin is currently finishing his PhD thesis entitled, ‘A textual study of CV-1333 of the Middle English Prose Brut Chronicle’, a work which is eagerly anticipated by the project team.  A brief synopsis of Gavin’s doctoral research follows:

“This project investigates the  origins and dissemination of CV-1333 thorugh the examination of the textual relationships of the extant medieval witnesses to this textual version. The study considers the use of textual data both to suggest genetic relationships between the manuscripts, and to examine individual scribal reactions to the text. Making use of the Anglo-Norman Long Version, it examines not only the scribal dissemination of CV-1333 but also the relationship of CV-1333 with the AN source. This thesis suggests that acts of  translation and scribal copying both exist within a wider framework of textual revision and that these acts are interpretative as well as replicative. This study stresses the need for textual critics to investigate the text ‘in process’ and see the relation of the material witnesses to not only the postulated ’original’ or the immediate exemplar, but also to the various processes which generated them. “

Gavin’s descriptions were formed against the project’s template for manuscript description, but demonstrate his own distinctive interest and expertise in textual issues. Look out for further contributions to the website by Gavin, whose research is serving to unravel the genetic relationships encoded in the CV-1333 corpus.

If anyone would like to contribute information on the other Rylands Brut MSS., or indeed, any of the MSS. in the corpus, please contact the project team.

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