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Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Professor Paul van Diest



The next conference of the International Society for Cellular Oncology
(ISCO) will be held in AMSTERDAM (VU University), The Netherlands, MARCH 5-8, 2008

The reason for the decision by the Board of ISCO to move the congress from the originally scheduled venue and dates (Genoa, June 17-21, 2007) to the venue and dates above is the current situation for companies providing products and services in the biomedical field in Italy. Companies associated in 'Assobiomedica' have temporarily suspended sponsoring of scienitific congresses in Italy in response to changes in the national healthcare policy. This situation was clearly hampering the successful and healthy organization of the ISCO Congress in Genoa.

Apart from the change of venue and dates, the profile of the next ISCO Congress in March  2008, e.g. in terms of scope, program structure, timetable per day, and abstract topics remains unchanged. Also scheduled speakers will be maintained to the extent possible and registrations and abstracts submitted for the congress in Genoa will remain valid for Amsterdam.

This note was posted on February 2, 2007. In the weeks ahead, the content of this website will be checked carefully and adjusted to the new situation where necessary. In the meantime, online registration and abstract submission remain suspended. If you are considering to register or to submit an abstract, please come back in by the end of February 2007 or later. The deadlines for registration and abstract submission will be postponed considerably in line with the later dates of the congress. 

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this unavoidable change and look forward to meeting you in Amsterdam in March 2008 for the next ISCO CONGRESS.

Should you have any burning questions at this time, please contact the ISCO Congress Secretariat (see 'Contact us' for details). All registrants and submitting authors of abstracts will be informed personally by the Secretariat in the weeks ahead.

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