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The International Society of Cellular Oncology is a recently established organisation formed from the merger of two major Societies - the European Society for cellular Analytical Pathology (ESACP) and the International Society for Diagnostic Quantitative Pathology (ISDQP).

ISCO, as it has become known, now forms a very strong alliance of active researchers in the field of cancer that crosses many disciplines including medical oncology, molecular and cell pathology, genomics, proteomics, epigenomics, biochemistry, specialist microscopy, molecular imaging, biotechnology and bioinformatics.

Membership of ISCO is open to all sceintists, clinicians and technology specialists with these core interests at heart.

ISCO has its own journal entitled Cellular Oncology which publishes a wide range of international leading research it the field.  Membership of ISCO gives a reduced subscription to the journal.

ISCO also hold a major scientific conference once every two years - a forum for members and non-members alike to present the latest research in their fields.  ISCO always attracts the best international speakers in the field and supports a true environment for education and collaboration. This is always a highly stimulating and successful event.

Through these efforts ISCO continues to support the advancement of our understanding of cancer at the molecular, cellular, patient and population levels through high quality research and education.




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