Law School Ethics Committee

High Risk Submission Form

This submission is for High Risk projects. That is, projects which involve interviewing, use of questionnaires etc. of human subjects, and where those involved are considered to be vulnerable.

High Risk projects required a full ethical review to be submitted to the committee. This should be prepared in collaboration with the nominated reviewers and contain a detailed description of the vulnerable subjects, consent acquiring process, methodology and any aspects they have highlighted as requiring special consideration. This should be prepared as a word processed document and uploaded via the 'browse box' below.

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I understand the concept of confidentiality and agree that - unless the specific agreement of an interviewee has been given - it should be impossible for anyone to determine what the contribution of any person involved in this project was.

I understand the concept of data protection and agree that any materials collected for this project which relate to any person will be held secure during the project. I will also carefully consider data retention issues.

I have discussed this project with suitable ethical reviewers. The outcome of this review is that the reviewer(s) view(s) this project as a "high risk" project which involves vulnerable subjects. They consider that ethical issues have been met in the project design. I have attached a full ethics review for the Ethics Committee.

For Students:
I understand the concept of plagiarism and will abide by QUB regulations relating to the misappropriation of the work of others.