Law School Ethics Committee

Low Risk Submission Form

This submission is for Low Risk projects. That is, projects which do not involve any interviewing, use of questionnaires etc. of human subjects.

I am: Undergraduate Taught Postgraduate PhD/MPhil/DGov Student
(Note that staff are not required to submit a form for low risk projects.)

A copy of your submission will be emailed to your supervisor and a copy will also be held on the law school ethics database. By clicking on the submit button you are agreeing that the information you have provided to us is correct.

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Working title of project:

Give a brief description of your research project (100 words maximum):

I have discussed this project with my supervisor and he/she agrees that it is a "low risk" project and does not require discussion by the Law School Ethics Committee. A low risk project is one which does not involve vulnerable subjects.

I understand the concept of plagiarism and will abide by QUB regulations relating to the misappropriation of the work of others.