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THe Lab offers a number of different services for research, commercial or entertainment purposes.
Golf Performance Centre

Combining the latest technology and expert coaching we can provide detailed analysis and feedback of your golf game.

Video Analysis

Extraction of key performance indicators from high video footage in lab and field.

Virtual Reality

Enhancing engagement and sense of presence to harness the power of Virtual Reality in Research and Commercial settings.


Detailed profile of balance function can be obtained to aid understanding of motor and sensory processes.

Motion Capture

Precise capture of performance in both indoor and outdoor settings using state of the art Qualisys motion capture.

Design and Develop

Design and development services to enhance your product, whether hardware or software.


The lab is part of the Perception and Action Cluster at the School of Psychology at Queen's. Our research focuses on how perception influences action. Below are some examples of previous research and commercial work that we have undertaken. Read on to gain an insight into the specific project, our areas of interest, publications and videos.
Scientific Reports and Journal Articles

All Scientific Papers

A collection of scientific papers across all branches of the lab's work.

Perception and Action in Sport

Perception and Action in Sport

Understanding how perceptual based information influences our decisions about when and how to act in a sporting context.

Perception and Action in Soccer

Perception and Action in Soccer

Understanding how perceptual based information influences decisions in soccer.

Perception and Action in Rugby

Perception and Action in Rugby

Understanding how perceptual based information influences decisions in rugby.

Balance and the Elderly

Balance and the Elderly

The Lab designed, developed and tested balance games to aid the elderly with some interesting results.



A 5 year European Research Council grant and catalyst behind much of the work in the lab.

Nevin Spence Centre

Nevin Spence Centre

We developed several interactive exhibits in conjunction with the Nevin Spence Centre at Ulster Rugby.


Adaptive Gaming for the Elderly

Undertanding how movement based gaming might need adaptation for the elderly.

Virtual Reality and Cricket


Innovative use of Virtual Reality in understanding expert performance in Cricket.

Our Team

Our research focuses on how perception influences action. Take a closer look at our amazing team.

Professor Cathy Craig

Interested in how the brain controls movement, how patterns of sensory information influence decisions about when and how to act - novel methods for improving performance.

Dr. Alan Cummins

Interested in how to make effective use of virtual reality, serious gaming in sports and health contexts. Looks after the day-today running of the lab.

Dr. Joost C. Dessing

Interested in the study of eye-hand coordination in various sports and health contexts through behavioural and neurophysiological experiments and modelling studies.

Dr. Matthew Rodger

Interested in how sounds and music can influence movements, how such processes could enhance movement-based skills, particularly for people with visual-impairment or Parkinson's Disease.

Dr. Mihalis Doumas

Interested in how sensory information and cognitive resources are used for optimal motor behaviour. (Life-span development, multisensory integration, timing (TMS, TDCS) and cogntion.

Dr. Farzad Parvinzamir

Interested in advanced visual analytics, including data mining and interactive visualisation, to facilitate knowledge discovery and decision making from complex movement data.

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