Advisor of Studies

The Adviser of Studies is generally the point of contact when problems of a more serious nature arise. These problems are usually ones that cannot be managed at the personal tutor level in a satisfactory way. The nature of these may be varied and wide-ranging, but may include ones associated with serious personal, academic or health related problems. Advisers are fully aware of when problems are beyond their remit and will make arrangements for students to consult with external bodies who have specialised training and facilities.

It is very important that you let your advisor know if you are experiencing any difficulties (illness, absence for other reason, personal problems, etc.) that might affect your performance and hence your marks in any compulsory component of the course (e.g. practical classes, workshops, tutorials) or written examination.

Male and female Advisers of Studies are available to students. The Advisers of Studies in the School of Pharmacy are:

Dr Brendan Gilmore Email
Dr Vicky Kett Email
Dr Lorraine Martin Email

Students can check who their Advisor of Studies is through Queens Online.

In addition to being responsible for student enrolment, Advisors are also there to provide guidance and more general advice, including:

• aims of the course
• structure of degree pathway
• progression standards necessary

Advisors of Studies will also write to students in difficulty after examinations and invite them to arrange a meeting to discuss problems.