Clinical Placements

Pharmacy graduates are required to have a basic and underpinning knowledge of the practice of clinical pharmacy prior to registration. This may only be acquired through the provision of a structured clinical pharmacy placement programme throughout the undergraduate course, linking the core principles of pharmacy to their application in practice. These clinical placements are intended to demonstrate the relevancy of the undergraduate course material and facilitate effective application of clinical knowledge post-registration. A structured clinical placement further enables informed choices when selecting a career pathway at pre-registration.

Level 1
Students in Level 1 will undertake a half-day hospital placement in the second half of semester 1. Details of dates and locations of the placements will follow.

Level 2
Students in Level 2 will undertake a two-day hospital placement in Semester 2.

Level 3
Students in Level 3 will undertake a 5 day hospital placement in Semester 2. Each student will spend five Thursdays in Semester 2 in one of the hospital Trusts in Northern Ireland.

Level 4
In the academic year 12/13, Level 4 students will complete a 5 day hospital placement in one of the two weeks preceding the start of Semester 1.

The clinical placements will be facilitated by a team of clinical teacher practitioners based throughout the hospital Trusts in Northern Ireland. The organisation of the visits will be co-ordinated at the University level by the Clinical Placement Co-ordinators Dr Sharon Haughey and Dr Carole Parsons. Allocation to the hospitals will be based on geographical location of students and the Placement Co-ordinators will endeavour to allocate students to a convenient hospital location wherever possible. The School of Pharmacy is unable to reimburse travel costs and therefore students are encouraged to share travel costs through, for example, car sharing wherever possible. Student allocations will be made available well in advance of placements and students are encouraged to contact a Placement Co-ordinator if they have any problems.

Details of the assessment procedures applied to clinical placements will be provided prior to the first placements being undertaken.

Throughout the course of the clinical pharmacy placements, students may become aware of information concerning patients, staff and other sensitive matters. Students are reminded that all such information is strictly confidential and must not be passed on to anyone at any time during or following completion of the placement. Students will be required to sign an agreement regarding confidentiality and professional behaviour whilst on placement. Furthermore, next of kin contact details must be provided in case of emergency and pre-clinical placement health questionnaires must also be completed. These forms will be made available prior to placement and must be returned to the School of Pharmacy General Office.

Note: Students will be expected to cover any travel and accommodation costs incurred as a result of the clinical placements. If students experience difficulty with these costs, details of the University Support Fund and Hardship Fund are available