Degree Plus

Degree Plus is a unique and innovative programme that allows Queen’s students to gain accreditation for skills and experiences gained outside of their academic programme.

Students may register for the programme at any time during their academic career but must have submitted evidence for the award of Degree Plus by 1 April in the year they hope to graduate. Successful completion of the programme provides students with the award of Degree Plus on their transcript. Any extra-curricular activities which enables the development of academic, personal, career or employability skills may be included eg volunteering, involvement in a club or society, completion of an additional course or programme, summer experience or working part-time. The award may be obtained in two different ways either by undertaking a programme which is fully accredited through Queen’s or by combining two experiences and presenting evidence on a Degree Plus application form. For further details, visit the website

Part-time work – Student Jobshop
A high percentage of students work part-time whilst completing their degree. There are a number of good reasons for doing this as part-time work can help you:

  • develop valuable employability skills that will impress future employers
    ◦ gain experience and a greater understanding of the workplace
    ◦ access and develop networking opportunities
    ◦ help financially during your studies

Register with the Student Jobshop to access a range of opportunities and fairly paid part-time jobs at under ‘Vacancies’.

Please note the University strongly recommends that students do not exceed 15 hours part-time work per week as there is strong evidence to show that significant levels of part-time work can affect degree outcomes.

If you are an international student there will be prohibitions or restrictions on working in the UK. It is very important that you confirm you have a legal right to work and if you do have the right to work, that you don’t exceed the permitted hours. If you want to work, you must bring your visa to the International Student Support Office where your visa will be checked to confirm whether or not you can work and if you can, how many hours you are allowed to work.