Students with Disabilities

It is the policy of the University that the principle of equal opportunities should be applied to students with sensory learning and physical impairments. The school is totally in agreement with this policy and has two Disability Advisers (Dr Tracy Robson and Dr Colin McCoy) who have attended various courses concerned with disability awareness.

Students may have recorded their disability on their UCAS application form and this information is passed on to their Adviser of Studies and the Disability Advisers. Alternatively the University Disability Officer may inform the Adviser of Studies. One of the Disability Advisers will make contact with the student and will attempt to iron out any problems that the student might have and try to ensure that the student has a fulfilling learning experience whilst at Queen's.

Some students may not have recorded their disability on their application forms. If these students have any problems they should contact either their Adviser of Studies or one of the Disability Advisers directly.
The University Disability Service assists students with disabilities in arranging study related support. This includes specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia. If you have a disability or have become disabled since studying at Queen’s, staff are happy to help you get the support that you need.

Student Guidance Centre
University Terrace
Belfast BT7 1NN
T: 028 9097 2727

Students may require special arrangements to be made for them for examinations. If this is needed it is essential that each student have their disability assessed on an individual basis by Occupational Health. He/she will make recommendations to the appropriate Adviser of Studies. This proposal will be considered sympathetically by module teachers who will ensure that no compromise be made on degree standards. Full information has to be provided to the Examinations Office by 30 November for first semester exams or by 30 March for second semester exams. Thus it is necessary for students to make an appointment with Occupational Health well before these deadlines.