General information regarding examination details for pharmacy modules is provided in the modules section of the year booklet. Further information will be provided by module co-ordinators during the semester.

The Physiology Department will provide details of examination procedures for module PLY1002 The School of Chemistry will provide details of examination procedures for module CHM1004.

Examination ID
When attending for an official University examination, you are required to have in your possession:

• The examination card provided by the Examinations Office
• A suitable form of photographic identification, e.g. student card, valid driving license, valid passport

The School of Pharmacy reserves the right to refuse to mark any examination script submitted by a candidate who failed to produce a satisfactory form of identification at the time they sat the examination.
Student Records / Examinations Office
You will be kept informed of publication dates regarding examination timetables, examination results and graduation details through the World Wide Web, available at any open access centre within Queen’s campus or any computer which has access to the Web.

Historical information is
on display for consultation but dates shown should not be used as a guide for future publications.

Note also the following examination details from the University Calendar General Regulations. A full copy of the regulations relating to examinations is available in the
University Calendar General Regulations on the University web site:

When a student believes that his/her performance may be adversely affected by extenuating circumstances in advance of an examination or deadline for returning assessed work, he/she should seek advice e.g. from his/her doctor, University Occupational Health Service, Adviser of Studies or the relevant Students’ Union officer(s), on the options open to them. These options might include withdrawal, deferral of the examination, applying for an extension to the deadline for submitting coursework or applying for a waiver to any penalty imposed for late submission. However, the decision on whether to attempt the examination or submit the assessed work, and the consequences of that decision, shall remain the sole responsibility of the student in question.