Harassment Advisory Service

Harassment is any behaviour on the part of an individual which may give offence, humiliate, threaten, intimidate or cause apprehension to another individual because of their sex, gender, religious belief, disability, political opinion, race, ethnic origin etc and which creates an intimidatory, hostile or offensive studying environment.

The University is committed to maintaining and developing a learning environment which encourages all students to contribute fully and on an equal basis to the life of the University. The studying environment should be supportive of the dignity and self esteem of individuals and free from harassment.

If you believe you are being harassed and want to talk to someone in confidence, please contact one of the following Harassment Advisors:-

The Harassment Advisors are listed alphabetically.

Prof. Tracy Robson
028 9097 2360
School of Pharmacy
Prof. Ian Fairweather
School of Biological Sciences
Prof. Teresa McCormack
028 9097 3039
School of Psychology